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Nov 19, 2018

> 150 free Outlook add-ins in the version 4.10

The new big update is fully compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 and provides eight new utilities:

  • Export Outlook Messages to PDF Files converts Outlook email to Adobe PDF documents, saves attachments and downloads external images if needed.
  • Merge PST Files combines multiple PST Outlook data files into one and allows you to limit the maximum size of the resulting PST file.
  • Delete Outlook Items permanently removes or moves to "Deleted Items" messages, contacts, appointments, meetings and other items in multiple Outlook folders at once.
  • Set Default Outlook Folders Changes location of Outlook system folders, such as "Archive", "Contacts", "Inbox", etc. And Report on Default Outlook Folders shows the list and location of Outlook system folders in the selected mailboxes, PST data files and other Outlook stores.
  • Three universal reports on Outlook Items, Outlook Folders and Outlook mailboxes and PST data files convert emails, contacts, calendars and other Outlook items to CSV files and get the lists of any property and field values of Outlook mailboxes, data files, folders and items.

In addition, the advanced version provides the command line and enables automatic processing of outgoing messages, adds new macros (STORE, FOLDER, FIELD and BODY), and expands the capabilities of all macros with regular expressions.

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