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  Microsoft Outlook XP/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013

Over 100 free utilities!

A large set of free add-ins and utilities for Microsoft Outlook. Working with messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals. Export and import, processing attachments, managing categories, statistics and reports, and even more extremely useful tools for every Outlook user.

Duplicate Items  
Mark, move or delete duplicate Outlook items like messages, contacts, calendar items (appointments and meetings), tasks, notes and journal entries. Duplicate Items
Productivity Tools  
Various utilities that make any Outlook user's life easier. Productivity Tools
Export / Import  
Export Outlook items to different formats. Import messages, contacts, appointments, tasks and other items from other formats. Converters. Free of charge. Export / Import
Attachment Processing  
Free utilities for message attachments management. Save it, pack it, replace it with links and many more. Attachment Processing
Storages and Folders  
Free tools for processing Outlook Storages, PST files and folders. Storages and Folders
Working with Outlook categories. Save, restore, categorize and create reports for free. Categorization
Data Extraction  
Save Outlook item data and properties. Extract emails, URLs, headers and more... Costs nothing. Data Extraction
Reports & Statistics  
Free reports on Outlook usage. Statistics on recipients, senders, largest messages and folders, tops etc. Reports & Statistics

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16/03/2012 Extracting email addresses professionally

We're pleased to introduce a new pack of free tools that automatically create new contacts and groups of contacts from email addresses in other contacts, address books and messages. It has never been easier to save the whole address book, create mailing lists, etc. than by using our new utilities:

A pair of utilities for saving email addresses from contacts to contact folder and group of contacts creates contacts and their groups by searching for email addresses in specified contacts and contact folders. One more pair of utilities provides the ability to get addresses from specified address books and addresses, and save those emails to contact folder and group of contacts. In addition to previously existing Save Email Addresses from Messages, we added two more tools: Save Addresses from Messages to Contact Folder and Save Addresses from Messages to Contact Group that simplify mailing list creation and managing even more.

In the latest 2.3 version of our Runtime all found issues are fixed and Runtime performance is improved as well. We also removed OutlookFreeware.com Outlook add-in's buttons to the separate tab on Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 ribbons by popular demand.

And yes, we have now more than 80 free utilities assisting you and your Outlook!

14/10/2011 Redirect, resend and forward messages...

Everyone knows how Outlook forwards multiple messages: as attachments only. But now, with our new tool Redirect Messages it becomes possible to bulk forward messages or message folders! It's now also easier than ever to mass resend or redirect messages.

We also updated our Runtime. It's now 2.2.

03/08/2011 A pair of new tools for exporting email messages

By your request:
Export Messages to Text Files allows bulk email save to human readable and easily searchable plain text files.
Export Messages to MBOX Format creates files compatible with mboxo, mboxrd, mboxcl and mboxcl2 formats. It means that data exchange with Mozilla Thunderbird and other Linux/Windows email clients is now even more simple.

OutlookFreeware.com Runtime updated to 2.1 version. All known issues are fixed.

21/06/2011 Some more new utilities

To solve the annoying problem with fax numbers showing in the Outlook Select Names dialog: Hide Fax Numbers. Comes with complementary tool Unhide Fax Numbers. One more new utility can set any header (property) value of any Outlook items including messages, contacts, tasks, appointments and so on. It is also possible now to painlessly Merge Outlook Storages: with a click of a mouse.

By tradition there is a new bonus report. This time it is an Attachment Report. It provides the detailed information on attachments in your Outlook folders.

There are more than 70 completely unique utilities available right now on our website. Needless to say, all of them are completely free of charge.

13/06/2011 Down with the duplicates!

From now OutlookFreeware.com Utilities are able to deal with any Outlook duplicate items: messages, contacts, calendar items (appointments and meetings), tasks, notes и Outlook journal entries. You can move duplicate items to the folder of your choice, delete them permanently or mark with flags and categories.

As a nice complement to the de-duplication set there is a Duplicate Outlook Items Report at your service. This report shows the number of duplicate items in your Outlook folders.

P.S. We have more than 60 utilities now available for you for free!

News 16 - 20 of 27
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