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Free Add-ins for Microsoft® Outlook®


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"Performed job perfectly and I have no more duplicate emails. "

"Used it to import mails from thunderbird using eml files. Worked perfectly fine!"

"This product has saved me literally HOURS of work."

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This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions from users of our site. Please look through these questions and answers before contacting support or posting questions on our forum. We update our frequently asked questions continually, so please do not forget to visit this area of our site on a regular basis.

(Q)estion: Why can't I download? Where are the download buttons located?

(A)nswer: All users need to register here in order to download our products. The registration procedure is very short and it takes no longer than one minute to complete. Once you have registered your details you will be provided with full access to the download buttons and material.

Q: Why do I have to register to download your products?

A: The majority of download sites on the Internet require that users register their details in order to access the download material. Although our products are free, we have decided that it is necessary for us to implement a registration process in order to prevent some users from attempting to steal our material or tamper with our site. We believe that the introduction of a registration process is the best possible method of protecting both our site and our customer’s security. You can be rest assured that the little information we require during the registration process is securely held on our server.

Q: Why are your products free? They are so useful and do so many things?

A: This site is intended as a showcase of our products. It contains downloads that were powered by our new product, something that is currently under development. Quite simply, we created this site just to show everyone its fabulous results!

Q: I would like to have a program like one of yours but a little different. Is it possible?

A: The short answer is yes. Once you have registered as a user on our site you will have access to a suggestion form. Simply complete the form, providing details of the program you require. We endeavor to meet our users’ requirements and there are very high chances that such a tool will come to our site very soon!

Q: Can I purchase your products? Or can I order a new one? Or can I sell you software under my own trademark?

A: Everything is possible. Complete our contact form specifying "Sales Questions" as a subject and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Can I advertise here on your site and/or sponsor one or more of your products?

A: Yes, you can. Just complete our contact form and specify "Advertising" as a subject. Please provide details of the product or service you wish to advertise together with details of your intended budget and preferred mode of advertisement.

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