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"Used it for importing messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010. Worked like a charm."

"Thanks! Worked like a charm for a project."

"Thanks a lot, you help me to remove my duplicated contacts. Good work!"

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Version: 3.2
Saves specified header's values from messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes and journal entries to a text file. Multiline headers can be cut and empty ones can be skipped.

Please note: this utility is for non-commercial home use only. For businesses and organizations there is a ReliefJet Essentials for Microsoft Outlook. It provides advanced features such as automatic mode, command line utility and support for Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes and PST files. It also provides the latest and improved versions of all our utilities plus utilities available exclusively in ReliefJet Essentials. Your experience with this utility may differ from the commercial product.

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