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Avoid Common Mistakes When Replying to Outlook Conversations

A few tips on how to avoid common mistakes when replying to Outlook email messages. These tips will help you to look more professional and will make your life easier.

Respond to Messages Properly

You may not realize it, but the most unpleasant button in Outlook is the "Reply All" button. Just one private email accidentally sent to all the participants of an email thread can greatly complicate your life. Someone reveals their secrets and gets into an awkward situation, someone else decides to make unnecessary comments and looks stupid – but it may cost some people their jobs. When using "Reply All", think twice about what you write in your reply.

On the other hand, if the email is sent to multiple recipients, the "Reply All" function is often exactly what you need. If you answer the sender privately, then, most likely, you will have to write another email to all the other participants in the thread. You are just wasting your time!

If people want to include you in some conversation, but do not want others to see this, they use "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy). When you answer any email, always check whether you are among the participants in the conversation, and do not just reply to all recipients.

Properly written subject line is another important thing. The subject line should always to be filled in and it should contain useful information. This saves the recipient time, increases the chance of a quick reply, and ensures your email is not accidentally deleted or end up in the Spam folder. When receiving responses to an email with an empty subject line, you'll have a hard time finding the outgoing email. The Quick Warnings add-in protects you from all mentioned issues.

Record Everything

The effectiveness of working with information depends on the amount of information that a person can remember and process. Conversations may be vast, and to remember the subject matter, many messages need to be both found and reviewed. It would have been nice to be able to take notes summarizing conversation history. That is why we made the Quick Notes add-in, which allows you to make notes in the messages. You can edit them, delete them, or send them to other users. These notes are even available in webmail clients and on mobile devices.

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