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How to Convert Email from Outlook PST to EML?

There are various ways to extract emails from Outlook PST data files. This tutorial shows you how to save messages from PST to files of EML format supported by many email programs.

To complete this tutorial, you need:

Then just follow a few easy steps.

This step by step tutorial shows how to convert email messages from .pst data files into individual files of .eml format using free tool.

  1. Install the Convert PST to EML utility and launch the OutlookFreeeware.com Utilities from Windows Desktop or Start Menu.
  2. Select the .pst file or folder with .pst files on your disk or network share:
    Settings of the 'Convert PST to EML' utility
    Want more settings and features? Try the advanced version!
  3. Specify the target folder for resulting .eml files.
  4. Run the tool and wait until it finishes. At the end, you can see the number of messages converted from each .pst file:
    Results of the 'Convert PST to EML' utility

Video tutorial:

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