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Top Software for Mail Merge to Boost Your Email Campaign

The article describes several software products for performing Mail Merge that can boost your email campaigns.

Why software for mail merge is so important for your business

Bulk mail is one of the best strategies for marketing campaigns. Hundreds of emails are sent daily to convey important information to clients. It can include new catalogues, promotions, and any other marketing information. But now, it is common that the more personalized your email, the higher chances that the recipient will open it. Even cold emails should be personalized as much as possible to grab the attention of your potential customers. Therefore, your main goal is not to email the maximum number of recipients but make them do certain actions, for example, click the link, open the attachment and, ideally, buy the announced product or service.

So, to personalize your bulk mail, you need such content as name, age, location, or even field of interest. And mail merge is the best solution for it. Just extract all this information from a corresponding database like Microsoft Outlook and fill in your email template. There are many programs, tools and extensions allowing the addition of such data, for example, Outlook Freeware Mail Merge toolkit. In this article, we will review the most popular mail merge solutions. Most are applied by large international companies which send thousands of emails every day.

Google's Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge (or just YAMM in short) is a popular Google Sheet addon. It also works with Outlook and Hotmail. Helped by Yet Another Mail Merge, users can send personalized emails and newsletters, notifications, etc., to multiple recipients. Now over 10 million Google mail users have installed the app. YAMM is easy to operate. Just select an email draft, fill in the spreadsheet data in place of corresponding variables and, finally, send your personalized emails. The website provides detailed instructions on how to draft templates, attach a file in mail merge and so on. A free subscription can be available for Gmail or Workspace users. But limited functionality allows you to send only 50 emails daily. To get more broad possibilities, choose Personal and Professional pricing plans for $24 and $48 per year, respectively.

GMass, a mail merge service inside Gmail

One more mail merge alternative for Google mail users. It allows you to organize large-scale campaigns by sending emails to thousands of addresses. GMass is a multi-purpose utility used in marketing and for recruiting, political campaigns, press releases, and other areas where you should mail many people at once. Pricing depends on the following options:

  • period (monthly or annually),
  • subscription type (standard or premium),
  • number of users (one to 100),
  • functions you want to add.

According to the official website, GMass is one of the most popular mail merge solutions. It has received over 200,000 5-star reviews.

Main features

The GMass mail merge solution can be integrated with both Google and Outlook. Extract names, addresses and other data to personalize your email. With GMass, you can go beyond Gmail's limits and send as many emails as your campaign requires. This mail merge solution includes analytics algorithms that can show you reports on how many recipients opened, replied to, or ignored your emails. Then all addresses will be categorized into behavioral segments. Using this data, you can build up a strategy for future email campaigns.

MailShake, a tool to turn cold prospects into warm leads

MailShake is a cloud-based mail merge solution. Forbes and The Huffington Post use this app. All you need to get all the advantages of cold emailing is a Google account. You can choose from two pricing options, Email Outreach and more advanced Sales Engagement. Unfortunately, MailShake supports no trial period, but all users get a 30-day guarantee. Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with this mail merge solution.

Main features

MailShake is a simple solution for cold email outreach. It provides you with necessary email templates and useful functions like click and response tracking. In addition, this tool can extract URLs and Twitter accounts. MailShake allows you to edit your email list and remove duplicates and useless contacts. MailShake has wide integration possibilities. You can integrate this solution with various services and platforms like HubSpot, SalesForce, Outlook, Facebook, etc.

ContactMonkey, a tool for measuring email performance

ContactMonkey is a cloud-based mail merge solution. We find IKEA, PayPal, MasterCard, and many more companies among its customers using personalized email campaigns. The blog contains a lot of free useful information that will help you to efficiently mail customers. The Essential, Plus and Enterprise pricing plans can be chosen at a price on request. Each option can be preceded by a trial period. However, subscriptions are available only annually.

Main features

ContactMonkey helps you create good-looking and responsive emails helped by a template builder. This mail merge solution supports integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Also, a Special Campaign Dashboard tracks all data and shows it as convenient charts. In addition, the analytics toolkit will compare all held email campaigns to choose the most engaged employee or the most compelling content. Feedback Analysis can be an advantageous option too. It will gather your employees' opinions and anonymous comments to optimize communication within your company.

SalesHandy, powerful mail merge solution

SalesHandy is a sales enablement tool with a wide range of options. It will be helpful for sales professionals, marketers, HR specialists, realtors, bloggers, and other professionals dealing with mail merge solutions. Using this application, you can easily schedule and track your email campaigns. Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon and other such companies use SalesHandy. You can choose one of three pricing plans to add more functions. These are Regular, Plus and Enterprise and will cost you $9, $22, and $49, respectively. Every plan involves a trial period of 14 days. It will be a good opportunity for everyone who wants to try this mail merge solution.

Main features

One of the most important features of this mail merge solution is free email tracking. Check whether recipients open your emails via notifications in real-time. With this solution, both sent emails and received notifications are unlimited. SalesHandy can be integrated with Gmail or Outlook. Another feature is tracking individual link clicks. Now you will know every click on the link in your individual email. And SalesHandy involves a wide range of templates to make your emails personalized.

Woodpecker.co. Send emails, deliver results

Woodpecker is an intuitive solution for cold email campaigns. Woodpecker is trusted by over 13,000 companies, including ProfitWell, LiveChat and BRAND24. The pricing plan can be highly customized and depends on the number of daily contacts, monthly/annual payments, and available functions. So, the price lies between $39 and $69 per month. A 14-day trial is also available. Also, Woodpecker offers access to training resources like video lessons, blogs, webinars, etc.

Main features

Along with Gmail and Outlook integration, Woodpecker offers advanced automation functions like A/B testing, AI-based detection of interest levels and if-campaigns. Security measures will ensure the successful results of your bulk mail. This solution can detect duplicates, blacklist certain domains and preview and test your emails before sending them. In addition, Woodpecker provides you with useful statistics like open, click, reply and bounce rates.

HubSpot Sales to bring all your data together

Well-known mail merger from HubSpot. Over 30,000 customers trust this solution that allows them to run successful email campaigns. The most renowned users of HubSpot are Casio, Zapier and Legalzoom. The Starter, Professional and Enterprise pricing plans are available. HubSpot allows you to pay in seven currencies. In addition, the HubSpot Sales extension can be installed on your Chrome browser.

Main features

This mail merge solution will assist you in email personalization. You can apply email templates from the built-in library or create your own. Meanwhile, the document management function allows you to add all necessary files right from Gmail or Outlook. Moreover, you do not need to waste time looking for information about your possible customers. HubSpot will add helpful context and detailed information about companies you are going to email. With this data in mind, you can create effective and personal emails.

Yesware, all features in one solution

Integrated with Gmail or Outlook, this mail merge solution can boost your email campaigns and increase revenue. Among Yesware customers, one can find many famous companies and organizations like Teach for America, Ally, Northwestern University. This solution will be extremely helpful for those who deal with sales, real estate, HR and recruiting and other fields that require mail merge. Choose one of three pricing options: Pro, Premium and Enterprise ($15, $35, and $65 per month respectively), or test Yesware for a 14-day trial period.

Main features

This mail merge has a lot of great functions. Email tracking helps you to know the future of your email. If the recipient opens it, follow the link, or view the attached documents, you will be notified in real-time. Try various email templates, choose the most effective one and run successful email campaigns. Also, you can add your own template to the library and share it with colleagues. Yesware can be integrated with your calendar for better performance. So, any planned meetings will be automatically added to your schedule, and the program will suggest a suitable time.

Takeaways on the best mail merge solutions

So, we took a quick look at the most popular mail merge solutions. All have similar basic sets of functions. To add more options, you should buy a pro subscription. Also, every website offers a lot of helpful materials to better understand these mail merge tools. Even if you are a beginner and have a vague idea of how to send bulk email using mail merge, the detailed instructions, blog posts, and video lessons will help you make the best of any tool. In any case, the rest depends on your budget size and the specific functions you look for.

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