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Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix the Common Outlook Error 0x8004010F

Outlook error 0x8004010F is a common error that users may encounter while using Microsoft Outlook. This error is typically encountered when sending emails or synchronizing information.

The error message that appears on the screen may state "0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed", "0x8004010F: The connection to the server was interrupted", or "0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found."

When does Outlook error 0x8004010F occur?

Outlook error 0x8004010F appears in various situations. Some particular cases include when users are trying to send emails, synchronize their folders, or update the offline address book. This error is likely to occur due to issues with the Outlook data file or the configuration settings.

Causes of Outlook error 0x8004010F

There are several reasons behind Outlook error 0x8004010F, including:

  1. Incorrect Outlook profile configuration. If the Outlook profile is not configured correctly or has become corrupted, this error may occur. In this case, creating a new profile and setting it as the default can resolve the issue.
  2. Damaged or inaccessible Outlook data file. The error may be caused by a corrupted or inaccessible Outlook data file. In this case, recovering the data file can help resolve the error.
  3. Issues with the offline address book. If the error occurs when trying to update the offline address book, it could be due to issues with the Exchange server or the local cache. Here, manually updating the address book or clearing the cache may help resolve the issue.
  4. Antivirus or firewall interference. Sometimes, antivirus software or firewalls may interfere with the functioning of Outlook, leading to this error. The solution may be to temporarily disable the antivirus or firewall, and then re-enable it after the problem is resolved.
  5. Network connectivity issues. Outlook error 0x8004010F may occur due to unstable or intermittent network connections. Poor connectivity can disrupt communication between the Outlook client and the mail server, causing this error to appear. Ensure a stable and reliable network connection.
  6. Mailbox size limitations. Mailbox size limitations set by the server or local system may lead to error 0x8004010F. When the mailbox reaches its size limit, Outlook may not be able to send or receive emails, leading to this error. To fix this, you can archive or delete old emails and attachments to free up space in their mailbox.
  7. Corrupted Outlook installation. An Incorrect or incomplete installation of Microsoft Outlook can cause error 0x8004010F. In this case, reinstalling the Outlook application can help fix the error. Make sure you have the latest version of the software and apply any available updates.

Outlook error 0x8004010F solutions

Here are step-by-step solutions to find the causes of Outlook error 0x8004010F and fix it. After you apply each solution, test sending and receiving emails to see if the error has been fixed.

  1. Create a new Outlook profile:
    • Close Outlook.
    • Go to Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles.
    • Outlook Mail Setup in control panel
    • Click on Add to create a new profile.
    • Enter the required information, including your name, email address, and password.
    • Click Finish.
    • Set the new profile as the default from the Always use this profile option or in the "Outlook Account Settings" window.
    • Restart Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
  2. Repair the Outlook data file:
    • Close Outlook.
    • Locate the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) in Windows Explorer. The default location is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16" for Outlook 365/2021/2019/2016.
    • Run scanpst.exe and browse to the location of your PST or OST file.
    • Microsoft ScanPST tool
    • Click Start to begin the repair process.
    • Once the repair is complete, restart Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
  3. Update the offline address book manually:
    • Open Outlook.
    • Go to Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Download Address Book.
    • In the "Offline Address Book" dialog box uncheck Download changes since last Send/Receive and click OK.
    • Download Outlook Offline Address Book
    • Restart Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
  4. Temporarily disable antivirus or firewall:
    • Disable your antivirus or firewall software.
    • Open Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
    • If the issue is fixed, re-enable the antivirus or firewall and add Outlook as an exception in the software's settings.
  5. Check network connectivity:
    • Verify that your internet connection is stable and reliable.
    • If necessary, reset your modem or router and reconnect your device to the network.
    • Open Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
  6. Reduce mailbox size:
    • Split your Outlook mailbox or PST data file with special utilities. You can customize these splitters to divide the data by size, time period or any other criteria of your choice. These utilities are also helpful in managing and maintaining your Outlook data. If you use them regularly, you can avoid the errors related to the oversized mailbox in the future.
    • Advanced Split Outlook PST Tool
    • Alternatively, archive or delete old emails and attachments to free up space in your mailbox. Use the Remove Attachments and Set Message AutoArchive Settings automatic tools to simplify the process.
    • Empty the "Deleted Items" folder.
    • Restart Outlook and check if the error is resolved.
  7. Reinstall Outlook:
    • Uninstall Microsoft Outlook from your system.
    • Download and install the latest version of Outlook.
    • Set up your email account and check if the error is resolved.

How to easily access emails and other objects from data file in case of 0x8004010F Outlook error

If you don't have time to check every possible solution to fix the 0x8004010F Outlook error and urgently need to access your data, there is an easy way to solve the problem. You can restore the PST file from a backup. Use the Import PST to Outlook utility to get your emails and other items accessible again.

We strongly recommend creating regular backups of your Outlook and Exchange folders with the Backup Outlook and Export Outlook to PST automated tools. It guarantees no data loss in case of any Outlook error.

Please remember that these utilities should be used in conjunction with the solutions provided earlier. The utilities can help you manage and update your Outlook data to prevent the corrupted or oversized data file errors from recurring.


Outlook error 0x8004010F is a common issue that users may face while sending or receiving emails, synchronizing folders, or updating the offline address book. By following the step-by-step solutions provided and utilizing the appropriate utilities mentioned in this text, users can effectively address this error and restore the normal functioning of their Outlook application. These advanced tools not only simplify the troubleshooting process but also help maintain and manage Outlook data efficiently.

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