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Remove Subject Prefixes

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Remove Subject Prefixes
Discuss this utility here.
How can I automate the utility to run each time I send an email ?

My very basic objective is to remove FW: or RE: prefixes Outlook adds automaticaly to emails.

vincent, you can automate any utility by using ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook.
I have happily used the remove subject utility for a couple of years but have just had to reinstall. The name of the utility is now slightly different and it doesn't work at all. I can't see what I am doing wrong.
Mike Jones,

Please make a screenshot of the utility configuration. Send it and an example email in msg or eml format to .
We will try to help you.
I had the same experience as Vincent (see above). Before, the utility removed *all* instances of "Re" and "Fw". After reinstalling the software (after being told by the program that I needed to reinstall the runtime utility), the program now removes only cases where the "Re" and "Fw" are duplicated, but it leaves the original "Re" and "Fw" in place. I'm not sure if this was deliberate or unintended, but it is a pity.
Michael Olesnicki,

The program is removing a redundant prefixes only starting from 3.0 version. If you need to remove *all* prefixes you can use ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook.
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