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Convert Messages from MSG to EML Format

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Convert Messages from MSG to EML Format
Discuss this utility here.
Hi, I just start to use this software, is very nice and good, but i have little problem. When converter "hit" bad msg file the whole convert process is stop, and I don't know what should I do ;/ Converter should skip bad msg file?
Maly, we're plannig to update both utilities and runtime this week, this update skips invalid MSG files.

Thanks for the utility, looks really helpful! But, I've got an error when trying to run the Runtime (to use the standalone MSG to EML conversion).
Cannot load Outlook Profile.
Failed to initialize MAPI session. Code [0x80004005].
Would love to get this working, thanks!

Windows 7 Pro x64
Signed in as part of a Windows Domain.
Office 2010 Outlook x86
x x, did you try to install Outlook 2013/Preview before?
Not on this computer. Do you think it's anything to do with being on a domain with Outlook 2010 attached to the local Exchange 2007 server?
x x, еverything was tested in a domain enviroment. Can you please contact our support referencing this forum topic? We'll try to help you then.

I just installed this utility to convert a few thousand messages I have archived in .MSG format. The utility seems to work great for most messages but then stops with an error when it runs into calendar responses that are also exported in MSG format in the source folder. Is it possible skip (and possibly log) these errors and continue converting? I really don't need to convert the calendar responses that are in MSG format but there's no easy way for me to figure out which of the MSG files will be a problem for the conversion. With thousands of MSG files to process I'd really like to be able to convert the actual messages and just skip the error files.

Currently using a Vista PC with Outlook 2007 and the OutlookFreeware runtime and MSGtoEML conversion utility.
Cliff Sch,

The Convert Messages from MSG to EML Format utility should skip such errors automatically. Other our utilities have 'Continue execution on errors' option on dialog with folders selection (Configure... button).
hi. I must convert 20 GB from an outlook account to eml files...

tre program run very well, no errors.. but i dont't find the attachmente (eml file and xml file...)
Paolo, did you try to convert MSG files or wanted to export your Outlook messages to EML files?
i need to export all messages to eml files
Paolo, you need another Export Messages to EML Files utility then.
Outlook Freeware:
Paolo, you need another Export Messages to EML Files utility then.

Thanks, but i've tryed... it's the same.....

inside the exported mail there's no the .eml attachment....
paolo paoletti:
Outlook Freeware:
Paolo, you need another Export Messages to EML Files utility then.

Thanks, but i've tryed... it's the same.....

inside the exported mail there's no the .eml attachment....

HI no one can help me?
paolo paoletti,

Sorry for the delay in answering your request.

If it possible provide 2-3 samples of such emails. Just drag and drop them to some folder on disk, pack them using ZIP or any other packer and send this archive to .

Also please pack same emails in EML format exported by our utility and sent them also.
Hi, after installing this program, Outlook always hangs when I try to start it
What could be the reason? -
I use Office 365 Pro Plus.

Stefan Busch,

We have no reports about such issue. It can be incompatibility with some other addins or concidence.
Try to download the latest version from our website and install without Outlook add-in enabled.
Will Outlook start normaly?
Will standalone app work?
You can also try to enable the add-in from Outlook after that without re-installation­.
Will it start?
You can try to disable other add-ins and enable ours.

You can also contact if nothing will help.
OutlookFreeware­.com MSG to EML Converter Software superiority to recover the data without creating any harms into MSG to EML Conversion .users can get the sole skin texture from Convert MSG to EML they are gives us inimitable competence to recover data to MSG to EML Conversion Software. Software will support every versions of MS Outlook like- 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 97 (32 and 64 Bit)
I used "Convert MSG files to EML" utility. The software provides several features to perform the conversion process. You can easily convert multiple MSG files to EML at once along with all the attachments. This software is completely risk-free.

Some key features:

Bulk conversion from MSG to EML.
Convert MSG email with attachments.
Supports Non-English text messages.
Supports every Windows platform.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Convert Messages from MSG to EML Format
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