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Most Active Senders
Discuss this utility here.
I was excited about this utility but seem to have a discrepancy in the results.

I'm running Outlook 2013 and have pointed it to a specific folder.

For some "from" addresses I'm getting in accurate results.

In Outlook, I go to the folder and organize by From and then collapse all groups.
For My own email address, Outlook shows 182 items.

But the Most Active Senders report only shows 44 items for that same email address?

I have identified a few of these in the report.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
Greg Middleton,

Are you using an Exchange cached mode?
Please note that by default Outlook 2013 download not all messages from Exchange server. Our utility count only cached emails in such mode.
If you need to count all messages you need to switch Outlook to online mode or set Sync Slider (the Mail to keep offline slider in the Outlook 2013 Server Settings dialog box) to cache all emails.
I used Cache mode; however, the folder that I selected (in Configuration) to count from is actually in a PST file on my local computer. None of the emails are on the Exchange server proper.
Greg Middleton, please try to recreate the issue with smaller number of messages in some folder. Make a screenshot from Outlook with such folder grouped by sender. Make a screenshot with utility configuration before a run. Run it. Save result to a file. Send screenshots and the result to .
We will try to help you.
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