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Export Outlook Items to PST Format

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Export Outlook Items to PST Format
Discuss this utility here.
Can i scedule it daily,weekly etc. ?
You can, but with our commercial product: ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook. Professional Edition provides command line utility than can be scheduled at your will.
This utility is great, but I was hoping to find one that would export folders from a right click menu. Is that feasible? Thanks
Joe, this tool can be run from right-click menu in your Outlook.
Have a problem...
Here is the code I am getting...
Any ideas?

************** Exception Text **************
System.Exceptio­n: Storage collision: Personal Folders
at ReliefJet.Engin­e.Component.Out­look.OutlookIte­msConverter.Cre­ateItemsFromStr­ings(IOutlookSe­rvices services, String[] strings, Boolean ignoreErrors)
Tim, how to you run the tool? In Outlook or using standalone launcher application?
I got the EXPORT OUTLOOK ITEMS TO PST FORMAT tool. Running from within Outlook / Favorits.
1)The copy only items is working fine, but
2)Using "Move exported items instead of copy" I get this error: "External component has thrown an exception. (System.Runtime­.InteropService­.SEException)"

What could be the problem, How it can be solved? Thanks in advance!
botond varga, what type of Outlook account do you use (POP3/IMAP/Exch­ange/...)? Also, what is your Windows/Outlook versions?
Outlook Freeware:
botond varga, what type of Outlook account do you use (POP3/IMAP/Exch­­ange/...)? Also, what is your Windows/Outlook versions?

- Exchange of course with public folder, Outlook 2007 (on win XP)
- I'm trying to remove old messages from public folder to pst as backup. User rights=Owner.
We have limit on public folders, and I would like to not loose old posts and messages.
Deleting manually after copying, it's not so elegant in all sub folders.
Thanks for fast reaction
botond varga,

Thank you for your report.
Please download and install a new version of the runtime.
This should fix the issue.
When I install this utlity it says it is for v3.8, but the runtime is only 3.7 and I can't seem to find a 3.8 runtime
Peter Restaino,

The current version of the runtime on the website is 3.8.
Please download Runtime and re-install.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Export Outlook Items to PST Format
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