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Export Messages to EML, HTML, PDF, TXT and MBOX Formats
My 'Arrange by:' option is set to 'Folder' already (I guess that's by default).
But, this with "open file location" really works.

Thanks! :)
Export Messages to EML, HTML, PDF, TXT and MBOX Formats
Yes, my files are on a hard drive, in a folder in My Documents.
I checked, they don't have read only attribute. And I tried deleting them with Outlook closed - no result.

Actually, I don't get any error. When I select a file and press "Delete", nothing happens (my "delete" button on keyboard works, I checked). I can't drag and drop it to my Recycle Bin either, some small icon of red circle with line appears (like the operation is forbbiden). When I right-click the file, there's no option "delete", as it should be.
I can only delete the whole folder with .eml files...
I aslo noticed I can't move nor rename the files.

Everything I do, I do with my Administrator account, so there shouldn't be any problems with permissions, etc.

And, yes, I have Avast antivirus installed and running.
Export Messages to EML, HTML, PDF, TXT and MBOX Formats

I tried this utility and I really like it, but I'm having trouble with it and the other one I tried (Convert .msg to .eml). The problem is that I can't delete files after extracting/convertin­g (I don't need some mails in .eml format). Why?
I'm using MS Office Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
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