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Convert MBOX to PDF

Convert MBOX to PDF
MBOX to PDF converter. Extracts emails from MBOX to Adobe PDF format retaining folder structure. Downloads external images, embeds attachments into PDF documents and provides more advanced features.
Version: 4.21 released on May 11, 2023.
(4.6 / 72 reviews)

Convert MBOX to PDF for Outlook
You can download a free limited version down below

This utility converts message databases from the MBOX email format to the Adobe PDF document format. This allows users to view and share their emails across platforms and operating systems without the need for specific email viewers. The tool provides advanced options to solve additional tasks during the conversion. It preserves the folder structure, keeps external images, and embeds attachments in PDF documents.

Main features

  • Converts multiple MBOX files of any size at once.
  • Retains the source MBOX subfolder structure so that the resulting PDF files can be organized in the same way.
  • Preserves email formatting and all message fields, including CC and BCC.
  • Can automatically re-arrange PDF files into new subfolders in the destination folder using built-in macros.
  • Downloads external images from the source MBOX messages and includes them in the resulting PDF files.
  • Can overwrite or auto-rename existing files to avoid conflicts and duplicates.
  • Provides different modes for saving attachments from the source messages. You can choose not to save attachments, save them next to the resulting PDF, or embed them in the PDF files.
  • Includes a page setup option for the final PDF documents, allowing you to adjust page margins in advance.
  • Creates folders from Google labels if required.
  • Can move converted MBOX files to another folder to prevent duplication when converting the same source folder again.
  • Supports batch and scheduled conversion for multiple source folders from different locations (Professional Version only).

What is the MBOX format?

The MBOX format is used to store email message databases. It stores an entire mailbox or folder in a single file. MBOX is supported by a wide range of email clients for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Unix: Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera, and others. Some cloud services, such as Google Takeout, use the MBOX format to export messages.

What is the PDF format?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used format for sharing documents. It is an open standard format that can be easily viewed and shared on almost any device. It was created by Adobe to allow documents to be stored and printed regardless of platform.

PDF is commonly used for documents and can contain formatted text, images, and embedded attachments.

What is the difference between MBOX and PDF?

MBOX is an email format for storing email messages, while PDF is used for different types of documents and e-books.

PDF is one of the most popular formats, as it can be viewed on most devices. MBOX files can only be opened in email clients that support importing from MBOX or with special viewers.

Why convert MBOX to PDF?

Converting MBOX to PDF is a very convenient option for a number of reasons:

  • Easy sharing, viewing, and printing. PDF is a widespread format, and PDF files can be opened on different devices than the original. Guaranteed compatibility with any device or operating system ensures that recipients can open and read PDF documents without the need for additional software.
  • Storing individual emails in separate files. An MBOX file stores multiple messages together. It can be very large, making it difficult to search for a particular message. If the file is corrupted, all emails will be irretrievably lost. When converting MBOX to PDF, messages are saved as individual files.
  • Saving email images and formatting. When converting MBOX to PDF, external images are downloaded into the resulting documents. This ensures that the images remain in place should the external resource become unavailable.
  • Sidestep compliance requirements. Regulations and company policies often require emails to be retained for a certain period. Storing emails in PDF files on an external drive or in the cloud can be an efficient solution.
  • Safety. The PDF format allows you to set a password and electronic signature for each file protecting the content. The MBOX format does not provide this capability.

How to convert MBOX to PDF manually

To convert MBOX messages to PDF manually, you can do the following:

  1. Import the MBOX file into an email client that supports the MBOX format, such as Thunderbird.
  2. Select the message to save as a PDF. Open the Print window. Choose the “Print to PDF” option and save the message as a PDF file.
  3. Repeat for each email message you want to save as a PDF.

This process takes time and attention and is prone to error. The email metadata and attachments may not be preserved.

Online MBOX to PDF conversion

While online MBOX to PDF conversion may seem like a quick and easy option, there are several pitfalls to be aware of.

  • You put your data at risk by sending it to a third-party website. The converted emails may also contain confidential information from your correspondents.
  • Online converters may not support all the MBOX file types you want to convert.
  • Online converters may not preserve email metadata and attachments.
  • Online tools have limited functionality and offer no advanced options.
  • MBOX files can reach several gigabytes in size. Such large files take too long to upload.
  • The cost of online conversion may be too high when the source files are numerous or too large.

How to convert MBOX to PDF automatically

Automatic MBOX to PDF conversion is an efficient and time-saving solution for users who need to access and manage their email offline. There is no need to import or manually connect MBOX files to an email client. The conversion process takes place on your local computer, ensuring the security of your data as no information is transmitted outside the network.

Benefits of the automatic conversion from MBOX to PDF

This software quickly converts multiple MBOX files of any size. Preservation of email metadata and flexible options for saving attachments ensures that all important information is easily accessible in the resulting PDF files.

The option to select a template for flexible folder and PDF naming helps you organize your document storage more effectively.

The easy-to-use interface makes the conversion process effortless, even for non-technical users. Batch conversion support allows you to convert an unlimited number of files from multiple users.

The utility does not require importing or manually connecting MBOX files to your email client. Once configured and launched, the job is done automatically.

There are no restrictions on the number and size of converted .mbox and resulting .pdf files. You can convert an unlimited number of folders and files as often as you want.

Steps to convert MBOX to PDF

  1. Open the utility and select the source MBOX file or folder with files to be converted.
  2. Enable the “Include subfolders” option to preserve the source directory structure.
  3. Specify the target path for the converted messages in PDF format. Use macros from the ready-to-use list to organize PDF files into new folders during the conversion or to automatically name the resulting PDFs.
  4. Advanced users can extract only the desired parts of the subject, body, and other fields of email messages for the target folder's names and the saved file using regular expressions.

  5. Select whether to download external images in PDF documents.
  6. Specify the overwrite mode for existing PDF files in the destination folder.
  7. Choose how to save attachments from source MBOX emails: not at all, next to PDF files, or embedded in PDF documents.
  8. Use the Page Setup tab to choose the desired PDF output settings, such as page margins and whether to include a carbon copy or blind carbon copy in the header.
  9. In the Advanced tab, you can specify additional options: create folders from Google labels, move converted source files to a different folder, and save invalid messages separately.
  10. Click the Run button to start the conversion process.
  11. Once the conversion is complete, you will get the log report that you can save or copy to other documents.

Bulk MBOX to PDF conversion

The command line app in the Professional Version of this utility supports batch conversion, which allows you to automatically convert MBOX files from multiple locations in bulk.

Automatic MBOX to PDF conversion can be streamlined by using scripts, batches, Windows Task Scheduler, PowerShell, and other tools. Running multiple command-line applications in parallel results in faster conversion of multiple MBOX files.

Windows Task Scheduler provides flexible scheduling options, allowing automatic conversion without manual user account login.


Will the converted PDF files contain attachments?

Yes, the utility provides an option to embed attachments into the resulting PDF documents during the conversion process.

Can I convert MBOX files to PDF on Mac?

No, this converter software is only compatible with the Windows operating system.

Can I choose where to save the converted PDF files?

Yes, the converter allows you to specify the destination folder and automatically creates subfolders where the resulting PDF files will be saved according to the required criteria.

How do I create new folders when saving PDFs from MBOX?

The converter tool offers ready-made macros that can be added to the target path: current date and time, message fields, sending/receiving dates, source MBOX file names, and others.

Advanced users can use regular expressions to name the destination folders by parts of the subject, body, and other message fields.

Is it possible to convert MBOX attachments to PDF?

Yes, the utility provides different modes for saving MBOX email attachments to PDF format. You can save them to a destination folder with PDF files or embed them in final PDF files. You can also choose to convert messages without attachments.

Can I convert all messages from an MBOX file into a single PDF?

No. Each message is converted into a separate PDF file.

Where do I find embedded PDF attachments?

If you have selected the "Embed attachments in PDF documents" option, you will find the attached files in the Attachments pane of Adobe Reader.

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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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