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EML to PST Failed Attempt

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EML to PST Failed Attempt, Outlook Converter Error Message
My first attempt to convert Windows Live Mail message to the MS Outlook PST format was unsuccessful and returned the following error message:

"System: Failed to Open store: Inbox (Converted 2021.01.17-14:3­1:14) (CreateOpenStor­age)"

Background on why I'm trying to do this:

Last Friday what seemed to be a routine Windows Update (2021-01, KB4598242) resulted in a total loss of internet connectivity. In fact, the Control Panel option "Network & Internet" was inoperable (flashed a screen with the gear symbol and then disappeared). In turn, after 2 days on the phone and "Chat" sessions, I was assisted in re-installing the Windows 10 operating system. That resulted in everything previously located in the "Windows" sub-directory to move into a "Windows.old" sub-directory and the consequent loss of use of all my programs (but not data, since backed-up also) including Windows Live Mail.

So, I've decided to "simply" move over to MS Outlook for mail service (not the Windows 10 Mail App) and have come to understand the need for this EML to PST conversion for my message histories. I have not tried to re-install the Windows Live Mail for Windows 10 program.

I discovered the paths to the multiple folder site and tried to use my Inbox (approx. 1400 messages) as the test case. But the above message was the outcome.

I'd appreciate some guidance on what I need to do next. Thanks.
Jim Kerrigan,

Please send us a screenshot of the utility configuration to the and we will try to help you.
Thanks. It's on its way.
Try this:

Steps to Convert EML to PST Manually
First, open Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail at the same time.
Now, in Windows Mail, import all .eml files by File menu >> Import >> Import message.
Open Windows Live Mail again and go to the File menu >> Export >> Export Message.
Now, choose the Microsoft Exchange option from a newly opened Windows and click NEXT to convert EML to PST.
Now, a pop-up will generate that “This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”.
Hit OK to confirm the selection.
Now you can export the file in two ways, either export the selected folder or all folders.
Click OK to convert EML to PST.
Finally, the export process will begin, and you stop waiting to complete.
After completing the process, the export dialog box will appear on your screen. Click Finish.
This is how you can manually convert EML to PST. This method is only suitable when the size of the EML file is small.

Use the best EML to PST Converter tool to convert your all EML data into PST format. The EML to PST conversion tool helps you convert single or multiple EML files by choosing the conversion option you want, and it is very easy to use this utility. To understand the full operation of the application, it is highly recommended that you use the free version first. With this version, you can easily understand the operation and functionality of the complete software.
EML file is simple mail extension with single email & multiple attachments. To import EML file into Outlook, user need a powerful tool. OutlookFreeare.­com Import EML is fast and effective email software that helps each level user to import EML files to Outlook or export EML data files in PST file format.
The software is capable to handle single or multiple email mailbox at a time and provides a error-free conversion from EML based email clients to Outlook. To get familiar with the software features you can try free version first.
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