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Sign in problems

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Sign in problems, MS Outlook exchange sign in problems
Hi Gurus

I have a sign in problem with my MS account/Exchang­e Outlook account which has been working for years. I am using the correct password but it will not allow me to sign in. When I hit "forgot password" to try and reset, it takes me to a page to enter my email and special characters, but then it only takes me to a page which says "you cant reset your password because reset isnt properly setup for your organisation. You must contact your administrator. I am the only administrator as an end user. It will not allow me other methods of verification. all I want is to gain access to my Exchange email account or if I have to move my email address to another provider..I will.

I am end user not connected to schools or business.

Can somebody please help recover my outlook Exchange email account I am desperate!  

email contact:

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