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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats

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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
Installed the eml convertor on win8.1 Outlook 1013. Ran fine at first then stopped conversion after ~2000 emails and said there was an error. Now when I try to open Outlook an error message comes up and Outlook closes automatically!! Help
So I uninstalled your add-in and now I a stable Outlook start for a few seconds then when it tries to connect to the server to update emails etc, the error message comes up and then tells me that the program has stopped working and it then closes! I've checked on another account on this computer where I did not install your add-ins and there is no problem. double help!

What type of storage do you use?
It looks like you have reached a limit of your PST size.
What size is it?
I'm trying to import eml messages to Outlook 2010. I select the folder where the eml files are, then select the folder where I want them to go (\\Outlook\J) but when I run it, it gives an error of 'system invalid folder'.

What is going wrong?
We have just bought a new computer with Windows 8 and MS Office 2013.
When i tried to import the .eml files the utility created all folders nicely, but says "Cannot import message" for all files.

How do get around this? (I'll send you an example .eml file.)
We are glad to inform that we have release a 3.1 version of OutlookFreeware­.com utilities. This version is fully compatible with all versions of Outlook 2013 and Office 365 including Click-To-Run editions. Now you can use all our utilities from both Outlook add-in and standalone Executor.

This version should solve Maria's and Malcolm's issues.
I have Outlook 2010. Exported .eml files from Windows Mail on another computer. The utility acts like it runs fine, but when I go to Outlook there is nothing there. Says it imported 41 files, for example, but nothing in Outlook. Ideas? Tried both the stand-alone and the in-app utility with the same results.
Chris Baker,

Could you send some examples of such EML files to ?

We will try to help you.
Chris Baker:
I'm trying to import eml messages to Outlook 2010. I select the folder where the eml files are, then select the folder where I want them to go (\\Outlook\J) but when I run

Hi guys,
I have the exact same problem as Chris. I installed Outlook 2010 on Windows 7, then copied over some (many) .eml files via a backup utility. After finding out that Outlook 2010 would not recognize the .eml files backed up from Outlook Express under XP, I installed the utility (V3.1.3). I have run it stand alone as well as in Outlook 2010. It shows the files being converted, and lists how many files were done, and also I see the .pst target file grow in size and it has the time stamp updated. But I do not see the folder(s) in Outlook 2010, even after a restart?

***************­* EDIT ***************­***************­*****
I have now resolved this problem (or at least have a workaround). Firstly, I changed the email account from IMAP to POP, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Then I noticed that although no new folders were being created, the messages were in fact copied into Outlook under the email address. So then I manually created the appropriate folder, and moved the messages into it. All done! I had assumed that the folders would be created.
Bernie Baer,

Thank you for the update.
What folder you have selected in the utility configuration?
Were EML files in the selected folder on hard drive or in some subfolders?
Hi Jouri,
the source folder was (for example):
C:\Users\Bernie­\AppData\Local\­Microsoft\Outlo­ok\Outlook express\XCSoar & RASP\
and other folders in C:\Users\Bernie­\AppData\Local\­Microsoft\Outlo­ok\Outlook express which contained the .eml files (no subfolders).

The target folder is: \\ (no folder specified)

Thanks, Bernie.
Outlook Freeware, When I try to import my old Outlook Express .eml files using the plug-in or the standalone utility the only way I can do so is directory-by-di­rectory. There is no option to select to import all subfolders. I've got the new Runtime and plugin installed (v3.2). Am I just not looking in the right place?

Bernie Baer,

\\ is a hidden folder. So, all your messages was imported there. Unfortunately, you can't see them from Outlook by default. Next time please select some subfolder for Import. For now, you can select root folder, go to Folder tab on ribbon, select Folder Properties. Deselect 'Show home page by default for this folder' option on Home page tab and press Ok button. Root folder became accessible from Outlook. Manually, move or delete messages from it. Set the option back to restore ToDo page.

This option is only available in the ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook now.
Runtime error.

I can't run the exe. He gives an error.
No acces popup etc. Geen toegang machtiging.
Jaap Pad,

Please contact the support via email:
Attach a screenshot of the error and add some information like OS, Outlook, run-time versions, issue description, etc.
We will try to help you.
Could you please update the import tool pages if the subfolders options has been removed?

The page says "Microsoft Outlook cannot import messages preserving source folder structure. This utility allows solving this problem. Specify folder containing files and subfolders with files in EML format, Outlook folder and run utility. You will get all your imported messages placed according to the source folders structure." but the tool doesn't support subfolders anymore. I kept trying changing the folder structure and moving messages files around thinking it was a bug until I came here and read that it was a feature that was removed.

Also I see the option has been removed from the Import MSG tool however I don't understand in that case what the point of the tool would be since in the case of MSG files you could just drag&drop the files from the folder straight into Outlook.
Francesco, thank you for the report. We'll update our website to reflect the changes in our tools.
Outlook Freeware,
the utility to import EML to Outlook does not show the checkbox for "Subfolders". Neither in the add-in nor in the standalone executor.
I have the latest runtime and version of the utility 3.3
Has this functionality been disabled in the free version?
Thank you!

'Include subfolders' option is now available in the Advanced version of the 'Import Messages from EML format' utility only.
This functionality is disabled in the free version.

But in the latest version we have returned this option to 'Import Messages from MSG format' utility.

I'm trying to help a friend of mine who has windows mail eml mails with subfolders. I saved those files in the root of his new PC
I'm using version 3.4 of utilities.
When I run the utility convert EML to Outlook MSG from outlook 2013 I select
source : the place where all the eml files are saved
destination : the map where the pst file is located.

When running the utility, he finds the amount of mails and subfolders but nothing changes in outlook.
Those mails are not shown anywhere in outlook.

Is it because the outlook profile says just Outlook?
Am I doing something wrong?
Or is it something else?

Thank you already for the help

Kind Regards,
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
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