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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats

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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
Timothy Lacroix,

Outlook stores messages in a data file(a PST file or an Exchange server store).
You can't just copy MSG files to some folder on disk and get them in Outlook.
You need to import EML or MSG files directly to Outlook.
You can use the following utilities for this:
Import messages from EML files
Import Outlook messages from MSG files
Hello guys,

this tool is great and work perfectly.

I just have a little issue, on outlook the date is not the header date but the "importing" date.

Do you know if it's possible to change that?

The utility process the header 'Date'.
You can open an EML file with Notepad and look for it.
For example:
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2014 23:27:24 +0100

If you have it in another format please contact our support and specify the date format.
We will try to help you.
I just tried to import a couple of messages with version 3.6.0 which show up in Outlook 2007, except for 2: these two .eml-files have attachments and each .eml-file is 3.1 MB in size. The import utility states it cannot import these two files.

If needed I can send the files to you, but it looks like emails with attachments or attachments over a certain size cannot be imported in the free version.

I hope this helps you to resolve this error.

Frank van den Brink,

There is no such limitation in a free version.

Please send these examples to and we will try to help you.

just installed this for Outlook 2010 and I'm having major problems... the add-in never showed in Outlook at all. I found it among inactive add-ins in the list, but attempting to enable it does nothing. I put a tick in the box to enable it, return and it's still inactive. I can repeat this a dozen times and it never becomes enabled. Any ideas?

Probably, the add-in is disabled by Outlook.
You need to remove it from Disabled items list and then enable it (Like you do).

Point to File > Options > Add-ins.

In the bottom of the Window select Manage: Disabled Items and click Go....

If there is the add-in in the list, then select the checkbox next to OutlookFreeware­.com.
Click Enable.

In the bottom of the Window select Manage: COM Add-ins and click Go....

Enable the checkbox next to OutlookFreeware­.com.
Press Ok.

Send a screenshot of File > Options > Add-ins to if it doesn’t help.
Like I said, I already did that. It never enables despite doing it multiple times... every time I return back to the addin page it's still among the "inactive" addins despite me manually enabling it. Yes, weird, I know... I'll send a screenshot too but there's nothing unusual in the screenshot.

Edit: your addon is not on the disabled list but among Inactive addins. I have windows search indexer only among disabled.

It is not enough to just re-enable the add-in.
First, you need to remove it from the disabled list.
Please try to do exactly what is said in my previous post.
It easily import all EML files and converts into PST format. After conversion. You can use filter option that allows users to convert selected data and maintain hierarchy of converted data in MS Outlook.
Hi all,
I installed import and export utilities vers. 3.7 , but i cannot run them. I have a msg "Installed runtime version is incompatible with this utility. Do you want to visit our website to download the compatible version?".

I'm using outlook 2010 with vista.

Which is the compatible version?
Please anyone can help me? Thanks
pippo calo,

Did you visit the page?
Did you download and install the Runtime?
Runtime page
Direct download link
Jouri Serdioukov:
pippo calo,

Did you visit the page?
Did you download and install the Runtime?
Runtime page
Direct download link

Thanks Jouri, when i answer yes to visit website i was linked to http://www.outlookfreeware.com/en/. Now i can download compatibleversi­on.

Outlook Freeware,
when I start up the software I get a window with written the program executor has stopped working and the program closes
my pc is windows 7 and outlook 2010
excuse my english!


Please try to download and install the latest version of the program Utility Manager:

If the issue persist then please write an email to . Describe the issue and your configuration.
Do you have Outlook profile configured? What type of accounts do you have in Outlook?
Did you use our program before or just have downloaded it for the first time?
Outlook Freeware, getting the same error message regarding "cannot import message". Using windows 10-64 bit, outlook 2010 32 bit and emlx files from most recent OS X Mail app.
Keith C,

We have tested emlx convert under different OS and Outlook and it is working well. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the utility from the website. As we have added such option not so long time ago.
Hi Team,

First off, many thanks for your free utilities! I am trying to import my old Thunderbird mail into Outlook 2013 on Windows 7.

Unfortunately I am not able to retain the folder structure. I couldn't find any setting for this either.

Is there any way to enable this in the free version?

Many thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, retain the original folder structure option is only available in the Advanced version of the utility.
When we are talking about the conversion of Mbox to PST format to access Thunderbird Data in Outlook, then you must need to use trustworthy utility Mbox to PST Converter. After the successful Mbox to PST Conversion, users can safely import Mbox files to Outlook without losing any data. It consists of various advanced features by which users can safely convert Mbox files to PST format. By using this utility, users are capable to batch convert Mbox files to PST format in a single click.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
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