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Import EML to Outlook

Import EML to Outlook
Imports emails from EML and EMLX files to the specified Outlook folder. It is possible to retain the original folder structure.
Version: 4.20 released on June 2, 2022.
(4.5 / 381 reviews)

Import EML to Outlook
"Import EML to Outlook" has an advanced version


Main features

  • Imports EML files into Outlook and Exchange Server folders and mailboxes.
  • Supports all major Outlook account types: Office 365, IMAP (Gmail), POP3, Exchange, Outlook.com.
  • Supports PST data files and Exchange Public Folders.
  • Retains the original folder structure, message headers, formatting, attachments.
  • Decodes Winmail.dat and other TNEF attachments.
  • Imports EML files into Outlook in bulk or on schedule from the command line.
System requirements:

Microsoft Office Outlook 365, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2007.
Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP SP3.

What is EML format?

The EML format is a popular way to back up email as well as transfer messages between different email programs and systems. For example, EML files can be retrieved from Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mac/Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Entourage, Eudora, and most other email clients. Because these programs cannot directly export email messages to Outlook, the EML format is suitable for migrating your data.

Why import EML files into Outlook?

If you are migrating to Outlook from another email program and want to keep your email archive, you need to move your existing mail database. Different email clients store their messages in different formats. For example, Outlook stores messages locally in PST and OST data files. At the same time, Windows Live Mail or Apple Mail use EML and EMLX files. Most other email software can export messages to EML format.

Main reasons for importing EML into Outlook:
  • Outlook is not just an email client. It is a modern organizer with contacts, tasks and calendar. By switching from an outdated email client to Outlook, your productivity will increase.
  • It's much more convenient to work with email in Outlook than with individual EML files moved from another email program. In Outlook, you can search for messages, save contacts in shared lists, assign tasks to yourself and other users, work with calendars, open attachments, and do many other jobs better and faster.
  • Importing messages from EML files into Outlook significantly improves the reliability of your mail storage. If your Outlook is connected to Office 365 or Exchange Server, the message files created will be stored on the server and not on the local disk or external media after uploading EML files. The email servers are subject to increased reliability and security requirements.
Key benefits of the flexible utility settings:
  1. The utility saves all data from EML message files. In particular, it saves dates, recipient and sender addresses, subjects, Internet headers, attachments, message texts with HTML markup and pictures, etc.
  2. Our utility does not simply import emails - it does it right, unlike many other programs. When migrating, all mail headers are saved, including "Blind Carbon Copy" (BCC).
  3. The utility allows you to create an existing folder structure with EML files in Outlook. This enables you to quickly and painlessly move all mail from another email client or backup copy without losing data and folder structure.
  4. Additional filters allow you to move emails selectively. For example, you can only select messages with or without attachments and limit the size of the source EML files.
  5. Successfully imported EML files can be automatically moved to another folder on the disk, which prevents duplicate messages from being generated when you run the utility again on the same source folder.

Are there any restrictions on importing data from EML files to Outlook?

The utility for importing EML files to Outlook doesn't impose any limitations when migrating messages. Specifically:

  • There are no limits on the number and size of the source EML files. All possible limits are only set by Outlook.
  • You can import any number of files and folders as many times as you like.
  • The tool supports the EML and EMLX formats of all existing email clients and systems.

How to import EML files periodically into Outlook on a scheduled basis?

The command line app included in the product and Windows Task Scheduler are used to periodically import email messages from EML to Outlook on schedule. You just need to set up a schedule for launching the utility automatically, using familiar built-in Windows tools. As a benefit, you don't need to manually log in to the user account to import EML into Outlook by schedule. This way makes it possible to use the utility in a variety of scenarios for automatically restoring or copying mail of many users from EML files.

How to import EML to Outlook from the command line?

The program provides the ability of mass-importing messages from EML to Outlook using scripts, batch files, Task Scheduler, PowerShell, and other automation tools. For that, use the command line app that is part of the product. A command line will help you to implement complex email migration scenarios. The automatic processing of multiple mailboxes and Office 365/Exchange Server Public Folders will be much faster when running multiple command line apps simultaneously. At the same time, a standalone launcher app imports EML/EMLX files into Outlook/Office365/Exchange without having to start Outlook.

Importing messages from EML files is often the only way to transfer mail from other email systems to Outlook. By moving all your mail to Outlook, you'll be more productive and avoid unnecessary errors. Use the command line app to import EML/EMLX files into users' mailboxes as a simple and reliable way for email migration of any scale.

Alexander Bashirian
“Utilized the eml importer. Excellent software thanks!”
Matthew Schuster
“Just needed it to import EML files, worked great!”
Daniel Blick
“Program worked perfectly! I have searched for weeks to find a free application to import .eml files into Outlook. Thank you very much!”
Mia Waelchi
“Used to import my old .eml files - worked a treat thank you.”

Customer questions and solutions

Client interaction history on solving different questions, tasks and challenges.

Failed to import EML to Outlook

Q: I have a rather large number of e-mails that I am trying to import from a folder on our internal server. When I ran the utility it returned numerous e-mails that it could not import, but offered no explanation. They are all .eml files so I don't understand why they won't import. I have used the utility on thousands of e-mails so far, but have not run into this issue. Below is a handful of the e-mails that it wouldn't import. Can you tell from looking at the file tree what the issue is? There were almost 980 e-mails in the folder and it imported most of them.

A: According to the screenshot you attached, "The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters". This is a Windows error. Please read MS KB article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/fileio/naming-a-file#maximum-path-length-limitation. You need to shorten the path using some folder mapping, etc. before running the utility.

Windows Live Mail email recovery

Q: I need a product that can find, collect, and save all my Windows Live Mail emails, folders, contacts, etc. I messed with the registry and that caused my hard drive to corrupt. So what I am trying to do is to find and retrieve all the information that was in Windows Live Mail before the crash and upload it to the new working version of Windows Live Mail or eventually move over to Outlook (which I am resisting for emails). If there is a product that can work for me, please let me know. I need to get it and restore my files, emails, folders, contacts from Windows Live Mail to Windows Live Mail.

A: Unfortunately, we have no recovery products. And all our products require Outlook installed and configured. We don't have a product to work with Windows Live Mail. But you can use ReliefJet Essentials to import EML files of Windows Live Mail from your disk to Outlook.

How to import EML into Outlook

Q: I tried to import EML into Outlook four times and ended up with nothing in the Outlook folder. This is very time sensitive. I need to complete a complicated process today.

A: Please watch the tutorial on how to import EML files into Outlook.

Outlook rules do not process imported messages

Q: When I use the Import EML to Outlook, any rules which I have created to be processed when messages arrive do not process on imported messages. I have to manually trigger the rules to run. Normally they are triggered automatically when received. I was wondering if there is an option or suggest there should be an option to trigger whatever flag causes new messages to have the rules run.

A: Unfortunately, there is no possibility to do this. There is no flag to trigger the rule. Outlook executes rules on incoming messages only when it receives them itself.

Import EML into Outlook from multiple PCs

Q: I have a project where I need to migrate 100+ users from EML based email client to Outlook and I am interested in your products. Can you please tell me what license do I need to purchase in order to do that? Is the number of activation restricted or can I install the program on the PC, do the migration, uninstall it and move on to the next and the next until I finish all 100 of them?

A: The ReliefJet ESSENTIALS Professional Edition allows you to move it from one computer to another by uninstalling on the old machine and installing on a new one.

How to export EML from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Q: Can I export saved email folders from Windows Live on a Windows 7 system to an external drive and import them to Windows Outlook on a different Windows 10 system from the drive?

A: You can copy or export messages from Windows Live on a Windows 7 system to an external drive in EML format. Then you can use our Import EML to Outlook utility on a different Windows 10 system to import them to Windows Outlook.

Q: I would like to import on Outlook 2019 locally stored EML files from Windows Live Mail. I need to do this for two domain integrated Windows machines. What tool/license should I use /purchase?

A: You can use the Import EML to Outlook utility. You can purchase a Single utility license for that. But you need a license per each PC where you want to run the utility. So, you need two Single utility licenses.

Limits on file size and importing attachments when using the utility

Q: Is there any limit on EML file size? What about attachments?

A: The program itself doesn't have such limitations. But you can get an "Out of memory" issue when importing a large EML file (over 200Mb) on a 32-bit system. So it is recommended to install the x64 version of Outlook, if you need to import large EML files. The attachments also can be processed wth no limitations.

Import the EML files into an old version of Outlook

Q: I have realized that I was trying to import the EML files into an old version of Outlook that had the 2gb limit (1997-2002). Would that be the problem?

A: Yes, this can be a problem. If you have Office 365, it is better to create a new Unicode PST file and import email there.

Import from IBM-Notes Mailbox to Exchange Server preserving folder structure

Q: We are looking for a tool to import Mail and Calendar from IBM-Notes Mailbox-Databases to Exchange. I understand your tool would be able to import EML-Files to Outlook / Exchange. But in Notes, as in Outlook, mails are organized in folders, and we would have to preserve that folder structure when the mails are imported to Outlook. Does your tool do that?

A: If your EML files are organized in folders on your disk then yes. ReliefJet ESSENTIALS' Import EML to Outlook will replicate the folder structure for sure. Just set the "Include subfolders" option.

Blank headers of the EML emails after the import EML into Outlook

Q: When I look for the headers of the emails after I import EML into Outlook, they are blank. I'm still using my original v. If I upgrade to the latest, would this be fixed?

A: Try to set the "Import Internet headers" option on the "Advanced" tab first.

How to import several folders with EML files to a single folder in Outlook

Q: In one account I have many Inbox folders generated during a Zimbra export. I'd like to select all of them at once before importing into the Outlook Inbox rather than one by one. Zimbra export creates folders of 500 emails per folder therefore creating many folders that currently have to be imported one by one with your free utility. Does Reliefjet solve this problem?

A: If you have several folders on the disk with EML files and need to import them to a single folder in Outlook, ReliefJet Essentials version of Import EML to Outlook doesn't have such mode. It can import a folder with all its subfolders, but it will create the same folder structure in Outlook. You can do the following:

Another way is to combine the folders into a single folder before the import.

Moving Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook on another computer

Q: On computer 1, I have Windows Live Mail emails. On computer 2 (Windows 10 brand new) I have Outlook 2019. I wish to move the above files (in folders, retaining original folder tree) to computer 2. I have loaded your software and the utility to both computers. Just can't get it to transfer..... is there a video to help me?

A: You need to copy EML files from computer 1 to some folder on computer 2. On computer 2 start the Import EML to Outlook utility, specify the folder with .eml files on the disk, select the folder in Outlook where to import the messages and press run. Here is the video tutorial.

Do I need to install Microsoft Outlook to use the utility?

Q: If the program you offer is capable of converting EML files on a computer that does not have Outlook installed, and put them into a folder for transfer to a computer that does have Outlook installed? I am attempting to migrate from a W10 x32 configuration to a W10 x64 configuration. The source machine is running Windows Live Mail and the target machine is running Outlook.

A: As stated in System Requirements on our website, PDF manual and Online Help, our products require Microsoft Office Outlook 2007-2019/365 to be installed. The good news is that you can just install an unactivated (or trial) version of Outlook for the product to function properly. Another way is to just copy .eml files from the old computer without Outlook to a new computer with Outlook and then import them.

How to move all EML folders/subfolders/emails in one step

Q: I installed your free version of Import EML to Outlook. It works great for moving email from a single WLM folder to a single Outlook folder. What I would like to do is move all folders/subfolders/email in one step. Is that possible with any of the paid versions?

A: Exactly. Processing subfolders is supported in the Advanced (commercial) version included in ReliefJet ESSENTIALS.

Q: I would be interested in purchasing the "Import EML to Outlook" utility with the feature of including subfolders. On my personal PC, I am converting from Windows Live Mail to Outlook, and wish to import stored emails which are in EML format. If I purchase the Single Utility License, will I have the ability to import my messages/subfolders using the "Import EML to Outlook" utility? I don't believe I require any other utility beyond the "Import EML to Outlook" with "Including subfolders" option.

A: Yes, you can purchase a Single utility license and register the "Import EML to Outlook" utility, if you don't need any other utilities. "Including subfolders" option is included in all editions of the utility.

Import EML to Outlook with the ReliefJet ESSENTIALS Personal Edition

Q: Can I import EML to Outlook with the Personal Edition? Otherwise the Professional Edition of the software is steeply priced for one user.

A: Yes, you can use the Import EML to Outlook with the Personal Edition from a standalone application or Outlook add-in.

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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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