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Remove Duplicate Oulook Items

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Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
Discuss all duplicate removers here.
Hey I downloaded the duplicate message utility on the advice of a poster on Experts Exchange. I need to automate the duplicate message removal process. Can it be run from a command line or are there switches to make it so I do not have to click on the run button. I need this to have it run as a scheduled task.Outlook Freeware,
Roger, thank you for the question.

There are two options to use our de-duplicator in automatic mode:

1. Configure Remove Message Duplicates rule right in your Outlook. After that keep your Outlook open. Dupes will be detected and deleted from Outlook startup till shutdown. This method is not good if you have moderate to high message traffic.

2. This is a preferred mode. There is a command line utility in OutlookFreeware­.com Runtime package. ExecutorCli.exe is located in the Runtime installation folder. In order to use it, start OutlookFreeware­.com utilities from Start menu, configure Remove Message Duplicates utility selecting required folders and save configuration. After that you can run ExecutorCli.exe like this (assuming OutlookFreeware­.com Runtime installation folder is your current folder and you installed Remove message Duplicates utility for all users):
> ExecutorCli.exe Schemas\OutlookMessagesRemoveDuplicates.rjs
In general you pass full installed utility (*.rjs file) path to ExecutorCli.exe and it runs this utility using settings configured in GUI (Executor.exe). So you can create a Windows scheduled task to solve you problem.

Feel free to post here if you have any more questions.
I see! It's case sensitive! I have it working now.
Thanks for the example!
Roger, just for information: nothing is case-sensitive in the example. If something is not working because of character case, please let us know.
I have run the utility and it does not appear to work as I need it to.

I have a public folder with 5 sub folders with approx 2200 sub folders inside those 5 ( They are checked in the GUI version and the settings are saved. I copied a message from my inbox twice to the same folder. When I run the GUI version it checks all the folders and lists 2 messages as processed (there are only the two messages between all the folders right now) yet when I look in the folder the two messages still exist. Why would they not be considered duplicates?

For better or worse (and this is NOT my design) users will be copying messages from clients into these folders. What I'm trying to avoid is two users copying the same message from one client into these folders. I only need one copy of the messages. I don't want to have messages from one client that were sent to multiple recipients in these folders more than once.
Thank you for your report, Roger. We found an issue in our Runtime causing this behaviour. This is because of public folders under certain conditions.
We're updating our Runtime to fix it. Update will be available in 24 hours. I'll post here right after we release the update.
We've just updated our Runtime and Utilities. Please re-download Runtime and Utility and re-install them.
Now you can check "Delete duplicates permanently" to delete dupes instead of moving'em to "Deleted Items". This works with Public Folders. Alternatively you can move dupes to any folder using Move Message Duplicates.
Works great thanks!

I can't seem to be able to actually delete or move the duplicates - the addon will scan all the folders and say "complete" but nothing is being deleted or moved... what could be the issue?

also - is it set up to compare mails from various and multiple folders? or just scan each folder
for it's duplicates and that's it?

Hoping to get this to work as my pst is now at ~4GB because of this


Hoping to get this to work as my pst is now at ~4GB because of this
Thanks for the question, Ben.
Our tool searches duplicates across the selected folders. Are you sure you actually have duplicates in your storage?
I dunno :P I can't seem to find any now, but I know outlook redownloaded my entire accounts, and those had thousands of email I already had in a pst, plus I saw I had doubles.

if it finds the same messages in inbox and another folder - will it delete the one in the inbox, or the other one? because I guess it did work, just without showing me any results or list of changes, and I assumed it would be removed from the inbox rather than the designated folder.

Thanks anyway :)
The utility removes all dupes found after the first one. So Inbox has the highest priority. Also it shows the number of removed messages in the second progress bar. I'm quite sure it did its job :)

You're always welcome!

I registered and downloaded your software.

In your "OutlookFreewar­e.com Utilities" software package window, the "Utilities", "No utilities found" and the little round button to the right of "No utilities found" were all greyed out and so I could not click them. At the bottom, the only button that was live and blue in colour was the "Exit" button. The "Save" and "Run" buttons were greyed out.

In your instructional screenshot that you show under "E-mail messages"/"Remo­ve Message Duplicates", the Outlook Freeware.com Utilities window shows that "Utilities" and the round utilities button, are live and blue in colour. Also here, you show at the bottom of the window the "Save" and "Run" buttons as live and blue in colour so why aren't mine as you show here?

In my window, below the "Utilities" Button Is the "about" Button. This was blue in colour and was live and I was able to click this.

At the bottom showing the 3 buttons. "Save" (this was greyed out), "Run" (this was also greyed out) and "Exit" (this was blue in colour and live).

The main message that I am being shown at the top of the window is "No utilities found" (this is greyed out as I mentioned above). This is the one that I need to be live so I can then download the utilities needed to work the software.

I looked at your video demonstration and in that it showed you will need to choose a utility after the first run. It also showed the little round button to the right was live and blue in colour and could be used.

As mentioned above, mine is greyed out.
Can you tell me why these buttons are greyed out and so rendering me unable to use the facility?

Can you tell me how I make these buttons live (and blue in colour) so I may then be able to use your software?

Thank you

Andrew Terry:
Can you tell me why these buttons are greyed out and so rendering me unable to use the facility?
Thank you for your question.
I believe you managed to install our Runtime but you did not install the utility itself.
You can download it here: /en/products/al­l/OutlookMessag­esRemoveDuplica­tes/
After installing it you'd be able to select it.
Thank you so much. So simple I didn't realise.

I obviously have a lot of duplicates that I want to get rid of. I looked at your video on instructions how you do this. It shows quite a few steps you need to do. The only thing is, it shows you how to do these steps really fast without the facility to stop the video each time a task is performed so you can keep up.

Have you got step-by-step instructions on how to do this written down somewhere as opposed to the video option? If you have, can you tell me where I may find these instructions? If not, can you send me some?


Hi there,

I ran the "Remove Message Duplicates" program with my Outlook open for all messages several times. I even tried it with selected boxes and accounts such as sent items and inboxes only on certain accounts and after doing all this, the duplicates were still there.

The "Remove Message Duplicates" run application is the only one I have downloaded into my utilities program so far.

Can anybody tell me why this is not working and if I had done anything wrong? Or in fact, there is something that needs to be done that I have not yet?

An explanation will be appreciated thank you.
Andrew Terry:
Can anybody tell me why this is not working and if I had done anything wrong? Or in fact, there is something that needs to be done that I have not yet?
It is possible that you are considering messages as duplicates while our utility isn't. Try to create a new folder in your Outlook and copy any message there several times. After that, run our utility for this folder to make sure our utility works in your enviroment correctly.
I try to use this utility with outlook 2010. At some point it stops and gives the following error: System: (-2147220991): Cannot open address entry. Any sugestions?
Konstantinos, thank you for report. This issue is already fixed, fixed release will be available this month, watch our news!
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
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