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Remove Duplicate Oulook Items

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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
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Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
Igor, thank you for your suggestion! We'll definitely implement this feature in the next version of our tool. Many of our users asked for it.
Outlook Freeware, cool, nice to hear that!
Outlook Freeware,

Hi, I ran your "Remove Duplicate Messages" program, in Outlook 2010, it found hundreds of duplicates so I know it works, but it left 2000 duplicate messages in the folder and did not delete them even though there are very definitely duplicates remaining in the folder. Please explain.

radar, can you please provide 2-3 samples of these duplicates? Just save them as .MSG using Outlook File -> Save As menu to some folder, pack it using ZIP or any other packer and send this archive to . We'll try to find the cause of the issue.
Outlook Freeware:
radar, can you please provide 2-3 samples of these duplicates? Just save them as .MSG using Outlook File -> Save As menu to some folder, pack it using ZIP or any other packer and send this archive to . We'll try to find the cause of the issue.

Great, thanks

I cant seem to get this to work on Office 2013... Is it compatible with the latest version of Outlook ?


- M
Iron, it is. What exactly doesn't work for you?
I had this working on Outlook 2010. I recently installed Outlook 2013 and I did not find the tab for this app...

I re-installed the app, it is still not showing up anywhere in Outlook 2013...

So where is the app located in Outlook 2013 ?

- M
Iron, please download and install the latest version of our runtime and utilites you're using.
Outlook Freeware,

Doesn't work. After install clicked to run and Outlook said it was not responding and closed.
Re-opened Outlook, run again, got an error.

30.06.13 09:14:48 get names from ids
tlookItem info, List`1 rules, OutlookExecutio­nContext context)
ReliefJet.Engin­e.Component.Out­look.OutlookExe­cutor. (GroupFolderL
oader, IOutlookFolderI­nfo L)...

Windows 8, Outlook 2013. Computer is 2 weeks old.
Downloaded RDO and runtime today. Have only 134 or 267 items in contacts, no subfolders.
Robert, what type of email account do you use (POP3/IMAP/Exch­ange/Office365)­?

When I ran the program, it pop up the error "None: Unable to open folder for deleted duplicates". How to fix it?

Thank you!
fifa ricky,

What type of Outlook account do you have?
Is it Exchange, POP3, IMAP or other?
Could you try to select another folder for deleted duplicates? Will it work?
Outlook Freeware,

Office 2013 -64 bit version 15.0.4551.1004
Set at default mail client.
Opening Program "duplicate outlook remover".. and it says that there is no default mail client :-/
rebootet, and tried again. Same issue.
stig henning,

It looks like you have click-to-run version of Office 2013.
Please try to run the utility from Outlook.

Or you can install the full version of Office 2013.
Same problem here with Outlook 2013 CTR - trying to load the COM addin has the following error:

Load Behavior: Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.

Is this something that's resolvable or is the CTR distribution of Office not compatible?
Paul Flere,

Do you have any errors in any files in "%LocalAppData%­\OutlookFreewar­e.com\Logs" folder?
Do you have any program related errors in the Windows Event Viewer?
OutlookFreeware­.com\Logs only contains multiple instances of:
06.01.2014 14:23:08 [9188]: ReliefJet::Comp­onent::Outlook:­:Native::Outloo­kLogon::Initial­izeMAPI::0x8000­4005 InitializeMAPI [0x00000009]

There aren't any events showing for today when I tried to enable the OutlookFreeware­.com COM Add-in just now.

Nothing shows that's relevant in the Windows event viewer, either, are there any logs hidden under the Applications and Services Logs folder that will be useful for diagnosing this?


If you have this error from standalone executor then please run the utility from Outlook.

If you get this error from Outlook already then there is some issue with MS MAPI subsystem. Probably, you will need to install a full version of MS Office 2013 instead of CTR to use the program.
It was an incompatibility with the 64-bit version of Office. Works fine with 32-bit Office 2013 CTR.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
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