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Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
I think the issue might have been the connection because of the number of emails that were trying to be processed. The total in the inbox was almost 200,000, and even after running through a few times where it moved a lot to the duplicate items folder in the Deleted Items folder I would get a message saying Outlook was trying to contact the server when trying to empty that folder.

I did one last run at night and it managed to get through everything and I did another in the morning which went through 100% probably since it was cleaned up from the previous scan.

Thank you for the help and the great tool.
Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
The weird part is that it doesn't encounter the error at the same spot for each scan. For instance, this last scan that just finished with that error message processed 17089 emails, but it's been as low as 100-200 as well. Also the amount of duplicates that get removed each time is also different, where it's been as low as 1 duplicate removed when the error occurs. I will send an archive shortly.

E: Moved duplicates to a separate folder and it completed without an error. There was only 200~ emails that I moved though.

E2: It seems the error was being caused by an active Outlook web access session.

E3: May have spoken too soon. It ran through a lot of the Inbox and moved a couple thousand duplicate messages but got the error again.
Remove Duplicate Oulook Items
I'm getting a weird error message when I run the utility. "External component has thrown an exception. (System.Runtime.Inte­ropServices.SEHExcep­tion)".

I've used the utility before without any issues. I tried uninstalling it and re-installing then running both in Outlook and through the Utilities program itself with the same results.

Any ideas?
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