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Convert EML to PDF

Convert EML to PDF
Converts EML and EMLX email message files to Adobe PDF format. It is possible to retain the original folder structure.
Version: 4.21 released on May 11, 2023.
Tags: eml pdf convert
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Convert EML to PDF for Outlook
You can download a free limited version down below

This utility converts EML and EMLX email message files to Adobe PDF format. Saves emails to PDF and attachments, original formatting, and source folder structure. Allows batch upload of multiple EML files.

  • Convert and print EML emails to PDF with no data loss. Save attachments, links, subject, addresses of senders and recipients, dates, and original formatting.
  • Change the format of the emails while maintaining folder structure.
  • Save a large number of .eml files to PDF at once.
  • Convert EML files to PDF without launching email applications.
  • Decode Winmail.dat and other TNEF attachments.
  • Store your email archives in a universal format.
  • Send archived emails to any user regardless of the email client and platform.

Why convert an EML email to PDF?

The EML file format is used by most email programs to store and migrate mail. However, while the EML format is common, you can only open the .eml file with an appropriate program.

Adobe PDF is a universal and secure file format. PDF is independent of device, operating system, and applications. After PDF conversion, you can view your EML emails in Adobe PDF viewers or in most internet browsers. This is a convenient way of additional email backups or documents exchange: PDF files can be viewed and printed anywhere without using email applications.

The reasons for EML2PDF email conversion:

  1. Compatibility. PDF is a convenient format for viewing and printing documents on any device. After conversion, it retains the original formatting of the message, with pictures and attachments.
  2. Cross-platform. PDF documents can be shared across different platforms. PDF viewers and printers are available on all modern devices, including smartphones. When sending a message in PDF format, the recipient can open, read, and print it.
  3. Images and formatting. Images in email messages are often links to external Internet resources. If the resource is no longer available, the external images disappear. When converting from EML to PDF, external images are downloaded into messages as the original. The source formatting also remains unchanged.
  4. Safety. The PDF format allows you to set a password and electronic signature for each file, protecting the content. The EML format does not provide such options.
  5. Compliance requirements. Often, regulatory or corporate policy sets specified limits for email storage. When the limits are exceeded, you can no longer receive new mail, and the old messages may be deleted. Converting messages to individual PDF files is a great alternative to working with extensive email archives in EML format.
  6. Legislative requirements. Correspondence in PDF format satisfies all the modern needs for legal admissibility and is used as legal documents.

How to convert EML files to PDF documents?

Convert your EML emails to PDF with attachments in a few clicks:

  • Open the utility settings.
  • Select the source folder with EML files.
  • Specify the destination folder.
  • Run the utility, and all further work will be done automatically.

When you check the Include subfolders option, the original folder structure is preserved.

Key benefits of the utility:

  1. Saves emails to individual PDF files, one PDF for each EML file, keeping the original folder structure.
  2. You can choose where to save message attachments. Add them directly to the PDF file, or save attachments in a separate folder. Here, the message header contains links to the saved files.
  3. Saves sender and recipient addresses from emails to PDF files, including CC and BCC.
  4. Page Setup option allows the user to print emails to PDF documents customized to the required page size
  5. Safely converts EML files to PDF, automatically renaming or skipping existing ones.
  6. Provides a command-line app that you can use to batch convert EML to PDF.
  7. Converts emails to PDF along with links. Maintains data integrity.
  8. Supports EMLX format.

If you need to convert messages directly from Outlook, use our utility to export messages from Outlook to PDF.

Our EML to PDF converter does not require you to import EML files into your email client. After setup and launch, all work will be done automatically, no matter how many EML files you need to convert.

What data is saved when changing EML to PDF?

During conversion, the utility saves all data from EML message files to PDF. The resulting PDF files contain dates, the sender and recipients' addresses, the subject and message body, pictures, attachments, and links.

Attachment files can be saved in a separate folder next to the PDF file or be embedded in the document.

How are PDF files named when converting from EML files?

By default, when converting from EML to PDF, the original filenames are preserved, but the file extension changes from .eml to .pdf. With macros, you can specify a template for flexible naming of files or folders depending on the date, message subject, recipient and sender addresses, and other message headers.

Why you can't use online services to convert email from EML to PDF

Email messages contain confidential information. When you use an online service to export email to PDF files, the original EML messages are transferred to a third-party computer. You have no control over third parties' actions while turning email into PDF format. Unlike online converters, this utility only works on your computer. This way, your personal data is safe.

Are there any restrictions on converting EML to PDF?

There are no limits on the number and size of EML files to be converted. You can convert an unlimited number of folders as often as you like. The utility supports EML and EMLX emails of all existing email clients.

How to convert multiple EML to PDF?

The utility provides opportunities for bulk message conversion using batch scripts. Complex email migration scenarios require a command-line application included in the Professional Edition of the product.

How to batch convert EML files to PDF on schedule?

To automatically convert messages from EML format to PDF on schedule, command-line utility and Windows Task Scheduler are used. You just need to make settings for the utility's automatic launch using familiar Windows tools.


How to save multiple emails as PDF?

To batch convert multiple EML files from different folders to PDF, use the command line application in the Professional Edition:

  1. Open and configure the utility.
  2. Copy the command line to the clipboard: click on the button showing the command line to the right of Configure and click on the Copy button.
  3. Execute the command line to run the utility.

You can specify in the command line the paths to the folders you want to process or create templates using macros.

When saving EML emails to PDF, does it include attachments?

You have 2 options for dealing with the attachments when using the utility:

  1. Save next to PDF files: attachments are saved in a separate folder next to the saved PDFs. The links to the attachments are embedded into the message header in the PDF document.
  2. Embed into PDF files: open the attachments when viewing the PDF.
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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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