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Save mail attachments with correct timestamp

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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » Save mail attachments with correct timestamp
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Save mail attachments with correct timestamp, Attachment is saved with TimeStamp = NOW! Ought to be the file's LastModified timestamp!
As far as I understand, when you save a file attached to a mail, its timestamp for LastModified will be NOW, and NOT LastModified of the file that was originally attached to the mail before sending it.
Is it at all possible to retrieve this information - or is it lost when sending the mail?

If the answer is no, I would prefer to have the LastModified timestamp (when saving a mail attachment) made equal to the "Sent" timestamp of the mail. By doing this I am in some way able to keep the chronology of files.
I have made a VBA routine that can handle this. So if you are interested, you can get it! (Xmas present!)

BR Helge
Helge Larsen,

Thank you for your suggestion, but our utilities already set Date created and Date modified to original file dates.
I have tested your utility "Save Attachments". It does NOT set "Date created" and "Date modified" to original file dates, i.e. the dates that it had on the computer from which it was sent. Instead "Date created" and "Date modified" are set to the mail's "Sent"-timestam­p. That is, it functions like my VBA routine, see above.
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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » Save mail attachments with correct timestamp
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