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How to move PST files to Office 365 manually?

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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » How to move PST files to Office 365 manually?
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How to move PST files to Office 365 manually?
Follow the steps below to move PST files to Office 365

For importing PST file manually to the Microsoft 365 mailbox or for performing bulk mailbox migration to Microsoft 365, we’ll first need to configure Microsoft 365 account in MS Outlook. Then, follow the steps below:

Click File tab, click Open & Export, and select Import/Export.

Select Import from another program in the Import and Export wizard and click Next.

Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.

Browse for the Outlook PST data file, select it and click Next.

Set Options according to your preference and click Next.

Choose the Import items to the same folder in option and select the Microsoft 365 mailbox, Click Finish.

I hope this manual method will be helpful!
Paul Wilson
PST is the file format used by MS Outlook to store all its email data, including the attachments. It comprises the user account data of Outlook. If you want to more content about PST file to Office 365 account. Microsoft-manag­ed Office 365 is the top email services provider in today’s time. So just follow the link and the read full article.
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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » How to move PST files to Office 365 manually?
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