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how to convert PST File to MBOX File?

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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » how to convert PST File to MBOX File?
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how to convert PST File to MBOX File?
If you are fully aware of"Converting PST to MBOX Format," You can look for places where you can discover the right way to do it so OutlookFreeware­.com PST to MBOX Converter Software. It has a very quick and clean graphical interface that allows you to convert PST to MBOX files with ease. Both are accepted ANSI and UNICODE PST files for conversion. Both new and old versions of Microsoft Outlook are supported by the program. All customers of PST to MBOX Converter can use the free version without having to pay anything.
Outlook PST file is a box wherever the Outlook messages and other mailbox items are saved. So if you are searching for an approach to convert PST to EML and other file formats. So, utilize Cigati PST Converter to convert PST files easily. It converts both private or public folders of PST files into EML file format. Download its trial version and it will give you a full description of the license version.
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All Forums » General Questions About Outlook and Related... » how to convert PST File to MBOX File?
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