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Export Messages to EML, MBOX, HTML, DOCX, and PDF Format

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Export Messages to EML, MBOX, HTML, DOCX, and PDF Format
Outlook Freeware, Export Messages to EML Files

This refuses to work after upgrading to Outlook 2016
Windows: Win 10 Pro

Uninstall "outlookfreewar­e.com utilities" in control panel
restart outlook
install outlookfreeware­.com utilities
- still fails

Help... What am I doing wrong
David Barnes,

Could you give more information about the issue?
What happens?
Did you get an error?
Do you trying to export from Outlook or from standalone app?
What account type do you have IMAP,POP3, Exchange?
Exporting individual email from outlook
open the email, click on outlookfreeware­.com, run, select export to eml, run...
says error :(
if I 'click here to show details' the error says: 'error converting message'

Server is exchange 2010 (local/in-house­)

see linked screen-shots





David Barnes,

Do you get such error on all messages?
Could you export such message to MSG (using our utility or drag and drop from Outlook to a folder on a disk), ZIP it and sent to ?
All messages produce this error.
Seems to have started after an update to outlook 2016 in the recent months.
I have a couple of independent systems with outlook 2016 from 365 and this did it on both..
Both were working prior to that.

will email the message as requested
I'm trying to convert back-up pst files to MBox.
The programme has been running for 2 days, and says it has converted 445 folders and over 42000 items. These numbers are far in excess of my files. Can anyone explain what is going on, and what might happen if I stop the process?
Ian Campbell,

You will get an mbox file with these messages if you stop the process.
You can try to run Folder Report utility on this PST to check the number of messages in different folders.
Exported PST to MBOX but lost folder structure

I am migrating my Outlook 2003 email client to Thunderbird and need to keep the PST folders I have set up in OL2003 to hold my emails. Outlook is configured for POP3 on all accounts (I have 4 mail accounts).
In total I have 6 PST files at a combined size of about 10 GB holding all of my email dating back to 1998.

Yesterday I used the "Export messages to MBOX" utility to create the MBOX files. It worked even though it took a while to finish.
Today I have attached these MBOX files to Thunderbird using the following method from a blog page:
- Looked up the location of my TBird profile under AppData
- Shut down Thunderbird
- Copied the MBOX files into the Mail/Local Folders directory below the profile
- Opened Thunderbird again and noticed that the new folders had appeared
- When I clicked one of them Thunderbird started a process, probably to index
- After it was done I could see the mail content in Thunderbird.

So it looked good so far....

But now to the problem:
The original PST files were organized in many sub-folders for different kinds of email like all mail belonging to a certain project etc. Or mail from a specific year etc.

Nothing of that is shown in Thunderbird, so now I wonder if I have missed some setting in the conversion/expo­rt process to include the sub-folders?

As it is now I face scrapping the conversion work done so far because I MUST have the structure, each PST file holds something like 50-100000 messages so it is impossible to navigate without the folder structure.

Please advice what to do to resurrect the folders!
Bo Berglund,

Each .mbox is a single folder.
The free version of "Export messages to MBOX" utility doesn't support an exporting of the folder structure. You can export folder by folder to get different .mbox files for each subfolder or use the Advanced version of the utility which will do it automatically.
Outlook Freeware Export Messages to EML Files,

I use Export Messages to EML Files for the first time and it works great.
But .... it says " It is possible to retain the original folder structure. "
When I select all folders of the Outlook account and ran export to d the destinationfold­er all
emails are there together in one folder.
The folder structure is not there.
Geert Bakker,

Folder structure supported by the Advanced version of the utility only.

I'm exporting a single email from Outlook 2016 to .eml format.

The email seems to be encoded with GB18030 (Chinese) but the exported file seems to change the coding to "westeuropean" and the email cannot be read anymore.

Is there a way to export the message in the correct coding?

PS: I know the coding can manually be changed when opening the .eml message in e.g. Outlook. But especially on a mobile device I cannot change the coding. Besides that it is very inconvenient to change coding every time after opening the eml file.

Dieter Mueller,

Could you export such message to MSG (using our utility or drag and drop from Outlook to a folder on a disk), ZIP it and sent to ?
We will try to help you.
Outlook Freeware,
I have installed Outlook Utility Manager, and then Export Outlook Messages to HTML v.4.15. My O/S is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. My Outlook is 365. I saved a selected message from within Outlook on my PC to a newly created folder. However, the message attachments (PDF, MP4 files) do not show up as saved. Why? What to do?
Wlodzislaw Kostecki,

'Save attachments' option is available in the Advanced version of the utility only.
Very nice set of utilities - the one of interest to me is the MSG to PDF export - I downloaded the free version - installs fine and runs fine, but the attachments are not processed - I'm assuming the 'Save attachments' option is available in the Advanced version of the utility only? The side-by-side comparison does not mention this particular functionality.


Bryan Brooking,

Yes, the 'Save attachments' option is available in the Advanced version of the utility only.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Export Messages to EML, MBOX, HTML, DOCX, and PDF Format
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