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Convert EML to PST

Convert EML to PST
Converts EML and EMLX files to Outlook PST format. Retains the original folder structure if necessary.
Version: 4.18 released on September 20, 2021.
Tags: convert eml pst
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Convert EML to PST for Outlook
"Convert EML to PST" has an advanced version

Main features

  • Convert email message files from EML to PST format without any data loss. Save original formatting and metadata like subject, sender and recipient addresses, date and time; as well as the links and attachments.
  • Create one or more PSTs from any number of EML files in different folders, depending on the settings of the utility.
  • Immediately split the resulting PSTs by size or by year when converting EML messages.
  • Avoid duplicates moving the source EML files to another folder during the conversion.
  • Convert EML to PST without launching email applications.
  • Perform the EML2PST conversion by schedule or in batch files, using the command line capabilities.

Why convert EML emails to PST?

Messages in EML and EMLX formats are used by different email clients: Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and others. Still MS Outlook does not work directly with this format.

You have two options for handling EML emails in Outlook:

  • Outlook uses PST data files to store your email. This is the native format of the message base. After the messages are transformed into PST, the resulting data file can be opened in Outlook.
  • What is the difference between importing EML into Outlook and converting it to PST?

    The conversion from EML/EMLX files to PST is similar to the importing EML into Outlook, with a few exceptions:

    • When converting, the utility uses the existing PST files or can create new ones. When you import messages into Outlook, you must select only an existing mailbox, PST data file, or Exchange Server public folder.
    • During the EML2PST conversion, you can use macros in the final data file name. Sort messages by date, sender and recipient data, and other messages fields. You can use the date and Windows environment variables, creating sets of data files in the way you want.
    • During the conversion, the resulting PSTs can be split by size. The maximum size of PST files is limited, and an additional operation to split them is not required in case of using the utility.

    Sometimes, EML2PST conversion is necessary, instead of importing EML into Outlook. For example, you must create a separate data file for each year, month, or day, saving messages from cloud or NAS. Another example is migrating old user mailboxes.

    Migrating an old email database from EML format into Outlook

    The utility for EML2PST conversion is especially useful in migration or preparation for migrating an old email database from EML format to Outlook and Exchange Server mailboxes. With the help of the utility you can migrate archive mailboxes without importing and connecting them to Outlook. Checking the folders with the source files you can estimate the size of the new message database and migrate the data in parts, using the advanced settings of the tool.

    How to convert EML to PST format?

    Perform the EML2PST conversion by configuring the utility step by step in the way you need:

    1. Launch the utility.
    2. Specify the source folder with EMLs.
    3. Mark "Include subfolders" to preserve the original folder structure.
    4. Specify the target PST file or create new data files with ready-to-use macros.
    5. Specify the maximum PST file size if needed.
    6. Optionally indicate the destination folder in the final PST file.
    7. Run the utility.

    More benefits with the advanced settings:

    1. Choose whether or not to include Internet headers in the final PSTs.
    2. Optionally mark proceeded messages as read.
    3. Convert the emails with or without attachments only, if necessary.
    4. Convert the files of the required size, automatically skipping larger ones.
    5. Move processed source files to another folder, at your choice. Here, when you run the utility again on the same source folder, no duplicate messages will be created in PST files.

    What data is saved when converting EML to PST?

    The messages in the resulting PST files will be the same as if you received them directly in Outlook. All images, HTML formatting, attachments, and headers will be retained in the original form.

    How to convert EML to PST in bulk or on schedule?

    For converting multiple files by schedule or in batch files, use the command line capabilities. By using the command line, you can create mail migration scripts for any number of users in organizations of all sizes. Just set the automatic launch of the utility using familiar Windows tools like PowerShell.

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    * This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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