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Convert MBOX to PST

Convert MBOX to PST
Convert the email database from MBOX to PST format for Microsoft Outlook. Keep the exported data intact during the fast and safe conversion. Organize the resulting data files in the way convenient to you.
Version: 4.21 released on August 22, 2022.
(4.5 / 734 reviews)

Convert MBOX to PST for Outlook
"Convert MBOX to PST" has an advanced version

Main features of the MBOX to PST converter

  • Supports all types of MBOX files, all versions of Outlook starting from 2007, and all versions of Windows.
  • Retains the original folder structure.
  • Maintains data integrity:
    • Converts emails from MBOX file as original, together with images and attachments of all extensions.
    • Preserves message properties and formatting.
  • Converts MBOX files of any size.
  • Works quickly even with large MBOX files or a large number of files to be converted at once.
  • Skips MBOX files that are larger than specified size.
  • Allows you to automatically arrange resulting PSTs into folders during conversion.
  • Creates one or multiple PSTs from MBOX files.
  • Allows to automatically save each MBOX file in a separate PST.
  • Splits final PSTs by size or year.
  • Selectively exports messages from MBOX files.
  • Exports invalid messages to an indicated folder if desired.
  • Performs automatic batch conversion and runs on schedule in Professional Edition of the converter.
  • Runs from Outlook or from an standalone application.
  • Generates a report upon conversion accomplishment.

What is MBOX format

The MBOX is a common format in which many mail programs store messages. Those are, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac/Apple Mail and many others. An MBOX file contains all messages of a mailbox or a separate folder. To open MBOX messages in Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server, you must import them into Outlook or convert them to Outlook data files.

The MBOX format is also used for transferring message databases, like in Google Takeout.

What is PST format

PST is an internal Microsoft Outlook database format. It stores messages, as well as other Outlook items, together with their properties and directory structure.

Why convert MBOX to PST

There are important reasons for MBOX2PST conversion:

  • PST is an internal Outlook format. To store and open mail from a different email system in Outlook, you have to export your messages to this format.
  • MBOX stores the entire email folder in one file, presenting the contents as a chain of emails. Messages in a resulting PST will look as if you received them directly from the mail server. All HTML formatting, attachments, and headers will be saved as the original.
  • Microsoft Outlook provides wide possibilities to organize data including message databases. This MBOX2PST converter allows you to automatically arrange resulting data files in folders in many ways.
  • MBOX to PST conversion is used when migrating an old email database from another mail client to Outlook and Exchange Server mailboxes and public folders. When you convert such MBOX files, the utility recognizes email labels. For example, it can create the Gmail folder structure in a PST file and use Gmail labels to assign Outlook categories to messages.

How to convert MBOX to PST

First, download the free version or the free trial of the advanced version of the utility.

Basic settings

Make the basic settings on the General tab of the converter.

Choose one source MBOX or several MBOX files in one folder for conversion. Optionally exclude or include subfolders.

You can get one or more final PSTs, automatically organizing them in different folders during conversion. Feel free to use ready-made macros from the drop-down list or choose an existing data file.

Arrange messages in folders created by

  • time / data / year;
  • senders / recipients data;
  • subject;
  • Outlook folder;
  • mailbox / data file;
  • custom fields.

The contents of each MBOX file can be saved in a separate folder.

Advanced settings

Take advantage of various settings for flexible MBOX conversion on the Advanced tab.

Add Internet headers, assign Outlook email categories from Google email labels and create the Gmail folder structure in final PSTs. Mark converted messages as unread or move converted source MBOX to a pre-selected folder. In this case, when you rerun the converter from the same location, target PSTs will not contain duplicate messages.

Skip the MBOX files that are larger than desired size.

Choose messages from the source MBOX for conversion:

  • all messages,
  • messages with attachments,
  • messages without attachments.

Set the maximum file size to immediately split too large PSTs.

In case there will be invalid emails, the utility can optionally save them to a specified folder.

What is the difference between MBOX to PST conversion and importing MBOX in Outlook

Converting mail from MBOX to PST is similar to importing MBOX in Outlook, but it provides several advantages:

  1. When converting MBOX to PST, the converter uses existing or new PST files.
  2. Importing messages to Outlook requires existing mailboxes, PST data files, or Exchange Server Public Folders.
  3. When exporting a message database from MBOX to PST, you can use macros in the final folder name and sort messages by date, domain, sender, and other message fields. There are macros for the date/time and Windows environment variables, which allows you to create sets of PST files, depending on your needs.
  4. When exporting emails from MBOX to PST, you can limit the maximum size of PSTs being created. The original MBOX message database is not simply saved but is immediately split into PST files of the desired size and does not require the additional operation of splitting PST files into smaller parts.

Advanced features of the MBOX2PST converter

The command line provided in the Professional Edition of the converter further expands the possibilities of using the tool. Convert MBOX to PST on a schedule, or as part of batch files and scripts, create flexible mail transfer and migration scenarios for any number of users in any organization. If you are in question about how to create scripts and scenarios for your individual needs, Professional Edition of the converter provides free script writing assistance to help you.


Does the converter from MBOX to PST export messages with images and attachments?

The utility converts data from MBOX files perfectly safe, keeping all the contents unchanged. If the email contains images and attachments, they will be saved as original.

I am a little-experienced user. How can I export my emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook?

If you have an MBOX data file containing emails from your current mail client, it's an elementary task to export them. Use our MBOX2PST converter and import the final PST to Outlook.

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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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