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Export Messages to MBOX

Export Messages to MBOX
Saves Outlook emails to MBOX files.
Version: 4.21 released on May 11, 2023.
(4.6 / 167 reviews)

Export Messages to MBOX for Outlook
You can download a free limited version down below

Main features

  • Works with all versions of Outlook from 2007 and later and supports PST data files and Exchange Public Folders.
  • Exports messages from multiple Outlook folders at once, retaining the original folder structure. Each folder can be stored in a separate MBOX file.
  • Preserves all email properties such as formatting, message headers, attachments, images, metadata, and Internet headers. 
  • Contains macros to create separate data files based on different message fields, such as sender, recipient, subject, and date. 
  • Allows you to overwrite existing MBOX files with new exports. 
  • Provides an option to move exported emails to another Outlook folder or delete them.
  • Provides a date filter to select the messages to be exported. 
  • Exports Outlook messages to MBOX files in bulk or by schedule from the command line.

What is the MBOX format?

MBOX is a widely used email database format that stores multiple email messages in a single file. It is supported by different email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, and others. This format is commonly used to back up and archive mailbox folders. Each folder with emails can be stored in a separate MBOX file.

Why export Outlook emails to MBOX

  • Compatibility. MBOX is a popular format used by many email clients. Exporting mail from Outlook to MBOX allows users to access their emails in other email programs.
  • Backup and archiving. Exporting Outlook messages to MBOX is used to back up or archive emails. MBOX files are easily stored on a hard drive or external storage device, making them a convenient option for long-term storage.
  • Transferring emails. Exporting Outlook emails to MBOX allows you to move your mail to a different email system without losing any data.
  • Exporting and sharing messages. MBOX files can be easily shared via email or cloud storage, making it a convenient option for collaboration.

How to manually export emails from Outlook to MBOX

Outlook cannot save messages in MBOX format. To do this, you must use an email client that uses MBOX.

You can try a workaround to export emails from Outlook to MBOX format without using third-party tools, but the process can be complex, time-consuming, and inconsistent.

For example, you can use a Gmail account to export emails from Outlook to MBOX format:

  1. Connect your Gmail mailbox to Outlook via IMAP. 
  2. Move the messages to a Gmail mailbox folder in Outlook. 
  3. Export this folder to MBOX using Google Takeout.

Please note that manual methods may have serious limitations, such as loss of metadata, formatting and other details during the export. They require technical knowledge.

How to automatically export Outlook messages to MBOX

This utility automatically exports Outlook messages to MBOX in a direct way. This tool is easy to configure and use, even for non-technical users. It has a simple and straightforward interface that guides users through the export process

Benefits of automatically exporting Outlook messages to MBOX

  • Automatic export can save time and effort and ensures that all emails are exported without any data loss.
  • Ready-to-use inbuilt macros allow multiple files to be automatically created according to different message fields for better organization and easy access to specific emails.
  • Overwriting existing files can be useful for users who want to update their MBOX database.
  • Successfully exported messages can be deleted or moved to the specified Outlook folder. This allows you to run the export multiple times without creating duplicate messages. 
  • The utility can export all Internet headers from Outlook messages and generate Mozilla Thunderbird special headers: Replied, Forwarded, Flagged, Read/Unread.
  • If you only want to export emails from a specific time period, you can filter them by the date they were sent or received.

Steps to automatically export Outlook messages to MBOX

  1. Open the tool and select the Outlook folders containing the messages to convert.
  2. Check the "Create subfolders" box to recreate the same subfolder hierarchy in the destination MBOX folder. 
  3. Browse to the destination MBOX file or folder.
  4. Use macros from the drop-down list to create multiple final files from a specific message attribute.
  5. Specify whether to overwrite existing MBOX files in the destination folder.
  6. You can choose to move exported emails to any mailbox folder or permanently delete them.
  7. Select whether to export Internet transport headers.
  8. Set the date range filter to select the messages by period.
  9. Click the Run button to start the process.

Bulk export of messages to MBOX

For mass migration from multiple Outlook and Exchange mailboxes, choose the Professional Version of the utility, which allows you to use the command line and create different scripts and scenarios to further automate the process. You can use the Windows Task Scheduler to run regular scheduled exports.


Can I export all my emails from Outlook to MBOX?

To export all emails from the mailbox, select all Outlook Stores when you start configuring the utility.

Will my email attachments be preserved during the conversion?

Yes. The utility saves all message data during the export, including attachments.

Can I export only certain emails or folders?

Yes. You can specify any mailbox folders to be processed when configuring the tool, or highlight the required emails, right-click them and run the export from the context menu. To do this, find the ReliefJet Essentials menu item and click Run or Customize to launch the Export Messages to MBOX utility.

Can I export messages from multiple Outlook folders at once?

Yes. You can select any number of source Outlook folders when configuring the utility.

Can I create several MBOX files during the conversion?

Yes. This tool includes macros that allow you to create separate resulting files according to different message fields, such as sender, recipient, subject, and date.

How can I separate exported emails from other mail in my mailbox?

The tool provides an option to move exported emails to another Outlook folder or to delete them.

Is there an option to select specific emails for export based on the date they were sent or received?

Yes. This tool provides a date filter to select messages by date.

How do I convert emails from Outlook PST to MBOX?

You can use this tool to add emails from PST files stored on your computer. However, if you want to convert specific PST files to the MBOX format, we recommend that you use the Convert PST to MBOX utility.

Can I export contacts, calendar entries, and notes to MBOX?

No. The MBOX format is an email database format designed to store email messages only.

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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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