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Hotmail to Outlook

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Hotmail to Outlook, Transfer to another account
Is it possible to a hotmail account to transfer everything to a new outlook.com account, including folders.

example: test.hotmail.co­m to
Henk, as far as we know, it is done automatically when you switch to outlook.com in your hotmail account.
No I think you misunderstand me I have a hotmail account because and I do not want to use I want to use, and now I want all folders that are moving to .
Henk, if you want to use our utilities to perform migration, you will need to add both of your accounts to Outlook. The you'll be able to export all messages from one account by using Export Messages to MSG Format utility and then Import Messages from MSG Format back. Or just copy folders manually.
Hey Hi

if you are planning to move your entire Hotmail data to Outlook.com so you just need to download your Hotmail entire Backup. Because there is no direct way to migrate your Hotmail to Outlook.com so in this case you need to configure your account to any email client or wait to download your Hotmail data to your system in this process its take much time or sometimes data gets corrupted too. So I won't recommend you to use manual process just try some third party tool like OutlookFreeware­.com Export Outlook to PST which easily migrate your Hotmail entire backup to PST file format. Now you have to configure your Outlook.com account to Outlook with the help of IMAP protocol. Now import PST file to Outlook and then use drag and drop process to move pst to outlook.com mail account. Finally your Conversion is complete.
Madyson swift,

You are right. You can use Export Outlook to PST utility to export Hotmail data to PST.
But instead of manual drag and drop, we recommend using Merge Folders utility to copy items from PST to Outlook.com IMAP account.
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