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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats

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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
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Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
Outlook Freeware, i need to migrate 5 mailboxes Apple mail MBOX to Outlook o365 will this work and one user is 20 GB of MBOX file is there limitation for that please let us know.
yusuf khan,

OutlookFreeware­.com utilities have no limitations on MBOX size. But please note, that your O365 account can have mailbox quota.
Outlook Freeware, Hi there

I was using Thunderbird on my MAC Book Pro 2009. I purchased Microsoft Business 365 and have successfully set up Outlook. Most of my emails and folders have migrated over through the server however anything prior to 15/01/2020 have not (this includes all folders as well as inbox.

I have tried to import in one go but this was not successful.

After a bit of jiggery pokeary I have managed to save a folder of messages from Thunderbird to a USB in an EML format and am using the import EML to Outlook but folder. This is successful and I can see the emails in the folder click on them and read them. However when i navigate away from the folder and back to it they disappear.

Has anyone else experienced this, is there a solution so that they stay in the folder?

I have watched the tutorial video and note that there is a separate import folder but what difference does this make if it is the only way to keep them in Outlook


Christian Warrell,

Looks like caching or archiving. Check you cache mode and archiving setting. (The program import old emails. After that the Outlook archive them).

I am trying to import 1000 or so eml emails into a pst file in outlook, I have the eml files exported from an email client and I can see them all in there folders on a usb drive.

These emails are in a complicated file structure.

However when i try and import the eml's the program goes off and 10 seconds later says its imported 1 folder these are just the few emails in the inbox that hadnt been moved.

In the configure box it just has the profile name, i dont see anywhere else to select all subfolders etc.

This is all on a laptop not in a domain, the previous email program was eMClient and I am trying to import into outlook 2016.

Any idea what i am doing wrong or not doing full stop?

a hat,

The free version allows to import EML files from one folder at a time only. You can select each folder one by one for import. Or copy all EML files to a single folder and import.

Alternatively, you can use the Advanced version of the utility and import all EML files with the folder structure.
OK thanks for that, a real shame that info is not in the blurb where it tells you all the different things the program can and cant do......even in the little tutorial it infers it will keep the same hierachical folders and import as many emails as you have.

It would have saved me a couple of wasted hours messing about.
Follow these steps to import EML to Outlook

Convert through EML Files
This solution involves the idea of saving the required MBOX emails to EML file format and then exporting these files to Outlook application using Import/Export feature. Let us know this sequential stage wise process as described below.

Create a New folder & move MBOX file items
First, open the MBOX email client and right-click on any mailbox folder. Select the option New Folder, provide a name to it and select Create Folder to create it. Now copy and paste or drag/drop desired MBOX emails (for conversion) to this new folder.
Convert to EML format
Select all the MBOX files for conversion in that folder and right-click on it. Choose the Save as to EML option. Provide the path location to save the converted EML files.
Move EML to Outlook EML files
Open the Outlook EML file folder and drag-drop the earlier saved EML files to it.
Export EML files to Outlook PST files
Open Import and Export wizard in Outlook by following File>Import >Import/Export.
Then select Export to a file option and click Next.
Select Outlook data file (.pst) as the next option and click on Next.
Now, from the folders, select that folder with EML files and click on Next.
Add the saving location for PST file and click on Finish.
The MBOX file is converted to PST finally.

I hope this is helpful!
Lewis Bert
Convert email files from EML format to MSG format without data loss. Make a note of the original format and metadata such as subject, sender and recipient addresses, date and time; as well as links and attachments. It avoids copies by transferring EML source files to a different folder during conversion it is the best tool. So, perform the EML to PST conversion programmaticall­y or in batch files using command line functions.
Outlook Freeware,

The COM add-in is giving error when I try to add it in outlook 365.

Runtime error while loading add-ins.

This way, I can't import the eml files
Rafaela osera,

Please uninstall the program and then install it again. Contact if it doesn't help.
its cool!
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Import Messages from EML and MBOX Formats
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