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Mark Duplicate Outlook Items

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Mark Duplicate Outlook Items
Discuss all duplicate markers here.
hello trying to use the "Mark Duplicate Outlook Items" and it says 8 marked but nothing is marked.?? Also everytime I run it says I must configure each time. Is this normal?
any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance
looking0101, how do you run the tool? In your Outlook or using a standalone launcher application (via Windows' Start Menu)?
I have the same issues. I see no marks flags or categories although I configured it that way. I am running from inside of Office Outlook 2010 on my PC. I have attempted to save the configuration and then to run but I still have no visible flags or categories after running.

what type of duplicate items do you trying to mark?

If you are running Remove Duplicate Calendar Items then there is no Flag field shown under any of default views.
If you are assigning a category, please make sure that you have entered the exact category name in the option.
Select List view in the Calendar to see Categories.

Yes, the Mark Duplicates utility marks all duplicates and do not mark the original message.
There will be the original message somewhere in your folders after marked duplicates removal.
Outlook Freeware, Yeah so I downloaded and ran the program and it scanned all my files in outlook but then my only option was to save or exit. I wanted a program that would flag all my dups in my contacts (icloud) and allow me to eliminate them quickly and easily. Can this program do that? If so what am I doing wrong? Thanks

Please check what exactly utility you are using.
We have different utilities for different actions:
Duplicate Outlook Items Report - will show number of duplicates only,
Find Duplicate Messages - will flag duplicates with flag or assign a category, you will need to delete them manually,
Remove Duplicate Messages - will remove duplicates to deleted folder for you (the operation can be reversed using Merge folders utility)
Outlook Freeware, hi-- i have office 365 on my office pc and my laptop--both win10 , i have had outlook dupl remover on office pc for several years with no issue--i have been trying to download it on my laptop and I am unable too, i have tried several times --the app states successful at each time but when i open outlook it is not visible in outlook--i downloaded the utilities manger first and i can confirm that the same file that is in my office pc is on the laptop --in the download area of the laptop but not found in outlook--help please
ros dev,

Probably, the add-in is disabled. You need to enable it.

Please do the following:
- In Outlook press File-> Options-> Add-ins
- Select "Disabled Items" from the drop-down menu "Manage", press Go…
- Enable the Add-in if it is there
- Press Close
- Select COM Add-ins from the drop-down menu "Manage", press Go…
- Enable the add-in, press Ok
- Press OK.
Outlook Freeware, Like some previous discussion, I can run the Mark Duplicate Outlook Messages and it runs to completion saying it marked xx items, but I cannot find any markings on the items in the mail folder. How/What exactly is the marking? How is it displayed?
David Bowman,

It marked them with "Duplicate" category.
Please watch a short tutorial video about how to find them.
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All Forums » Discussions About Free Outlook Add-Ins & Utilities » Mark Duplicate Outlook Items
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