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Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries

Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries
Deletes duplicate appointments and meetings in selected Outlook calendar folders. It is possible to retain the original folder structure for the safe undo operation.
Version: 4.21 released on August 22, 2022.
(4.7 / 159 reviews)

Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries for Outlook
"Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries" has an advanced version

This utility removes duplicate appointments and meetings in selected Outlook calendar folders, Exchange and Office 365 accounts, Exchange Public Folders. Makes it possible to view deleted duplicates and automatically restore them into the original folders. Identifies duplicate events according to predefined criteria.

  • Set specific criteria to detect Outlook duplicate calendar entries.
  • Choose any folder combinations in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, and Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Remove duplicate items from Outlook calendars in PST data files.
  • Bulk remove duplicate events in Outlook calendar during email migrations using the command line options.
  • Specify which of the same calendar entries should be considered duplicates or originals, indicating priority folders.
  • Delete the duplicates permanently or move them to the predefined folder to delete them later or save them separately.
  • Remove duplicate calendar events in Outlook for a specific period.

Reasons to remove Outlook calendar duplicates

  1. Duplicates in the Outlook calendar make planning challenging. You have to check and track the information for each entry repeatedly. Missing an appointment due to such a glitch might lead to problems.
  2. Duplicate calendar entries claim your attention along with the risk of missing an important meeting or event. You waste your time, and productivity drops.
  3. Outlook calendar duplicates in Exchange and Office 365 Public Folders damage your workflow. Participants might miss important information or react to it repeatedly.
  4. Backing up duplicates within mailboxes takes up more storage space on your server or cloud backup system.

How to remove duplicate Outlook calendar entries

There are three ways to run the utility:

  1. Add-in for Outlook. It is a convenient way to remove duplicate entries in the Outlook calendar from selected folders or using the calendar context menu. Add the utility to the Outlook ribbon and remove duplicates with a pair of mouse clicks.
  2. Separate application. Remove duplicate entries without launching Outlook. Connect PST data files and use the tool without creating new Outlook profiles.
  3. Command line. Use command-line app in the Professional Edition of this utility to delete duplicate calendar entries during email migrations between computers and servers. Schedule the clean-up.

Configure the utility:

  • Select one or more calendar folders.
  • Select fields to compare (all fields are checked by default). It is not recommended to compare the same calendar entries by date, as duplicates can be created at different times.
  • Choose what to do next: delete Outlook duplicate calendar entries or move them to a separate folder.
  • Adjust the folder priority to specify which folders to keep and delete.

Save your time and do not make mistakes!

You can also remove duplicate calendar entries manually: sort out events by topic or dates and then compare them. This work takes plenty of time and effort. It is easy to skip or delete important events, especially if many are duplicates, or to even put them in different folders.

Remove Outlook duplicate calendar items with our error-free utility in a few minutes.

How to bulk remove duplicate events in Outlook calendar from different folders

Use option for searching duplicates across folders to automatically remove duplicate calendar entries from different folders while keeping the original records in their places. The utility will detect duplicate entries in the selected folders and then remove duplicates according to the folder priorities. Events in higher priority folders are considered originals and left in their places, and events in lower priority folders are deleted. If priorities have not been set, the utility deletes the most recent identical calendar entries, leaving the oldest ones in place.

Deleting duplicate calendar entries in Outlook for a specific period

When you know the certain dates the duplicates appeared, you can specify the period to search for and delete duplicate tasks in the Outlook calendar. Here, you don't have to re-process the entire mailbox or data file. After you've got rid of duplicate calendar entries in Outlook once, you can periodically delete recent duplicates from shared folders, e.g., once a month.

Removing duplicate entries in Outlook calendar during email migrations

Migrating mailboxes or public folders to other email systems or computers is complicated. To transfer only necessary files, such as Outlook calendar duplicates, use the command line app. Specify the lists of mailboxes, public folders, or PST files for bulk deletion of duplicates. Use the command line capabilities of the PowerShell scripts to do that.

Actions for Outlook duplicate calendar entries when removing them

  1. By default, after deletion, calendar duplicates are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook. You can specify a different folder when configuring the utility. When you save duplicates in the selected folder, their original structure is also preserved. The deleted duplicates can then be restored to their original locations in the Outlook calendar helped by the utility for merging Outlook folders.
  2. You can delete duplicates permanently, without moving to any folder. For example, when removing Outlook calendar duplicates from shared folders. Before permanently deleting duplicate calendar entries, we recommend checking the correctness of the settings using the report on duplicate Outlook items.
  3. Assign specific categories to Outlook calendar duplicates or mark them with a flag using the duplicate calendar events finder tool.


How to determine what calendar entries are duplicates?

To understand which calendar events are duplicates, you need to compare their properties. Calendar entries have the following comparison fields:

  • subject,
  • start time,
  • end time,
  • location,
  • recurrence,
  • duration,
  • body,
  • attachments,
  • attendees.

If all or several fields are the same for several events, they are most likely duplicates.

Can I remove Outlook calendar duplicates from the current folder only?

To delete duplicate calendar events from the current Outlook folder, run the utility from the context menu. You can also define any folder to remove duplicates in the utility settings.

How to restore a deleted Outlook calendar event?

By default, the utility moves deleted duplicates to the selected folder. To restore deleted events, just merge Outlook folders. Duplicate events will be restored according to their original folder structure.

How to automatically remove duplicate calendar entries?

Our Outlook calendar duplicate event remover deletes duplicates automatically after customization of your choice.

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* This utility is for non-commercial home use only. It will not run in domain enviroment. Some of the described features and support for domain enviroment are available in advanced version of the utility only. Free version may have additional limitations.

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